Chefs & Restaurateurs Weigh in On 2023 Food Biz Trends

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Restaurant India spoke to top chefs and restaurant owners to find out what's there in the store in 2023 food trend.
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Food business is changing in last 2-3 years and these years have been tough on the restaurant industry, but things are turning bright as more and more brands are now finding new avenues for innovation and growth. Though, dine-in has got a positive numbers for restaurant sales, off-premises dining also continue to rule the country.

We at Restaurant India talked to several industry experts to see what will 2023 bring?

The rise of craft and microbrewery

“The F&B and the QSR industry has seen a tectonic shift in terms of changing consumers’ behavior towards food and beverages. India offers a fantastic potential for the big companies in the beer sector because it is one of the countries with the fastest growth and least amount of penetration. Seeing the future prospective that the market holds, there has been introduction towards microbrewery and craft beers coming to the forefront.  There has been a huge development of compact micro brewing, contactless taprooms and innovation in beer production. In order to cater to the discerning restaurants and bars need to innovate in terms of customer experience,” shared Suman Bharti, Founder of REFLEX- Bar Brewery and Dining. Today, India’s pub and bar culture has also shifted from a very generic approach to catering cohort customers who are willing to pay a premium to such culinary experiences.

Vocal for Local

“It comes as no surprise that agriculture is at the forefront of today’s F&B trends,” pointed Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, Partner, CHO- Vietnamese Kitchen & Bar, New Delhi. “Regional agricultural structures, focus on domestic markets, local legumes, and produce but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Other key trends include a further emphasis on supporting local,” he added.

Superfood will be in demand

In the past few years, India's culinary scene has experienced tremendous growth and received widespread acclaim on a global scale. “With many renowned chefs strolling down the culinary lanes, especially in local regions, kitchen takeovers and kitchen collaborations will be at the forefront of new innovations. Secondly, Vitamin-Sea- There is a growing market for a new set of superfoods like seamoss, nori, and seaweed, all of which can be sourced from one place in particular: the sea. These nutrient-dense foods can be easily incorporated into a daily diet and have a wide range of health advantages,” added Karan Nohria, Founder at Silly, Mumbai.

Demand for Locally Produced Ingredients

“Sourcing fresh, local ingredients is rapidly increasing among individuals as well as restaurants. Consumers have moved to an upper funnel where they see the luxury in healthy food with reduced carbon footprints and fresh and seasonal flavorful food,” said Chef Prem Pradhan, Executive Chef, Nara Thai (K A Hospitality) who believes that globalisation is bringing the world together, which in turn gives opportunities to

fuse different cultures with flavors. “We are increasingly seeing brands take inspiration from flavors, ingredients, and styles of cooking from other cultures,” he mentioned.



Health and Wellness will be in Focus



Guests’ efforts to balance health and wellness with their desire to seek comfort and enjoyment from foods and beverages will drive many of the trends showing up in restaurants in 2023. “I personally feel that fermented and pickled foods and drinks. The tangy, funky flavors of fermented and pickled foods and beverages have gained mainstream popularity over the last several years, and several trend forecasts predict they are among the top food and beverage trends to watch for 2023,” mentioned Atul Chopra, Partner at Enso Hospitality (Yazu, Maai, Goa & Juliette).

The Rise of Korean Cuisine

Apart from Japanese sushi and sashimi being the hottest trend of late, we see a hot pickup of Korean food in India, due to the interest of K-Pop K-Drama and more and more Korean businesses and families staying in India. “More authentic products and a move to pure and natural ingredients like Kikkoman Soy Sauce have seen widespread adoption in recent months and are set to make the trend in 2023,” shared Harry Hakuie Kosato, Founder Sushi and More, Kikkoman India Representative, and Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador by pointing that as for beverages, spirits will do double-digit numbers - more craft beers and regional-inspired gins will make their mark.

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