Whizdom Club launches Whiz Café to inspire collaboration

Whiz Café offers not only a menu featuring delectable savouries and sweets crafted to inspire creativity but also an ambience and design that are all set to facilitate collaboration.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer
Whizdom Club

Whizdom Club, an inspiration hub by MQDC India, launched its first food venture, Whiz Café, at the heart of GK-2. The café is a part of the Whizdom Club co-working space and offers an exciting gourmet menu, curated by internationally renowned Culinary Chef Ashay Dhopatkar and acclaimed Pastry Chef Neha Lakhani.

Strategically located within Whizdom Club’s campus, Whiz Café is a unique place where members of the co-working community and the café guests can interact and share ideas. The café will form a melting pot for a diverse community, co-working members, young professionals, students, freelancers, startupreneurs, and local residents.

In line with parent company MQDC’s core philosophy of “For All Well-Being”, Whiz Café by Whizdom Club aspires to create a stimulating and cohesive environment for its patrons. The café, by way of its food and ambience, aims to encourage a community culture through its delectable cuisine and inspiring design.

Whizdom Club launches Whiz Café to inspire collaboration

Chulamas Jitpatima (Amy), Director, MQDC India, said, “As an ‘Inspiration Hub’, we strive to provide an ecosystem complete with mentorship, community access, and ideation. Adding to the vibe of Whizdom Club, Whiz Café offers a welcoming and vibrant environment and an eclectic range of dishes, for those who like to savour and toil with the same fervour.”

Offering a platform to connect & collaborate

Whiz Café caters to the multi-faceted lifestyles of urbanites, a perfect place for work meetings as well as casual brunches. The café aims to be a space that inspires and offers a platform to connect and collaborate. The vibrant design lets in abundant sunlight through floor-to-ceiling windows while especially installed air-filters protect patrons from the city’s rising pollution.

The menu, along with the design of the café, has been planned to resonate with the youth. The café’s extensive menu includes both comfort food and wholesome options like salads, mains, delicious desserts, fresh pastries, and a variety of refreshing beverages.

Whizdom Club launches Whiz Café to inspire collaboration

“The especially ‘curated’ gourmet menu is designed and served with perfection, making it a mark of exclusivity and craftsmanship by our popular and internationally renowned Culinary Chef Ashay Dhopatkar and acclaimed Pastry Chef Neha Lakhani,” Jitpatima added.

Especially curated gourmet menu

The café is spearheaded by the ‘Troublesome Duo’, famous Culinary Chef Ashay Dhopatkar and Pastry Chef Neha Lakhani.

The especially curated menu includes signature dishes by both the chefs. Chef Ashay is showcasing his famous confit chicken leg served with creamy corn chowder and winter vegetables like kale, turnips, and baby carrots, making it a mouth-watering main course. While Pastry Chef Neha presents her all-time comfort dessert, which is a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate chip cookie, with a soft filled centre, served right out of the oven.

Whizdom Club launches Whiz Café to inspire collaboration

Chef Ashay said, “It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of MQDC’s India journey. For Whiz Café, the menu is designed for urbanites who love to embrace new experiences and culinary trends.”

“With the inclusion of healthy comfort food in the menu, we aim to target health-conscious young professionals and millennials, offering inspiring meals to match the buzz of the city’s new inspiration hub,” he further stated.