The Grid Kolkata introduces a Wholesome Bowlsome menu

The wholesome bowls comprises of 6 varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
The Grid

Aren’t you just tired of looking at salads when you’re trying to order healthy meals?Aren’t you done with listening to “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips?” Well, to add some flavor to the society’s health conscious lifestyle, Kolkata’s first gastro brewpub The Grid has introduced a Wholesome Bowlsome menu for all their patrons.

Nowadays, a hale and hearty meals is not just a choice, but a lifestyle. Healthy and chary eating is also fun when it comes to their Wholesome Bowls - a meal entailing proportionate protein, grains and fresh veggies, served together!

The wholesome bowls comprises of 6 varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections.

"While the pandemic has rendered a lot of our dreams of eating out futile, it has also led to a more conscious food consumption pattern in people across the nation. When we talk about conscious food habits, it is not just limited to salads or fruits. Thus, we came up with a thought of introducing an array of wholesome meals to explore beyond the traditional pattern to add flavour to the tastebuds of our patrons seeking a healthy snack with a twist,” said Gaurav Karnani, Founder, The Grid.

To begin with, the vegetarian bowls consists of The Cottage Cheese Comfort Bowl – a flavorful cottage cheese preparation, accompanied with farm-fresh vegetables or the Muesli Mania Bowlin refreshing Yogurt, garnished with fruits and nuts.

The egg-eaters can treat themselves with the Eggy-Veggie Bowla protein-packed egg dish with assorted vegetables, amongst others.

While the non-vegetarian bowls includesLean, Mean Chicken Bowlcooked in cranberry reduction& red wine served with brown rice, quinoa and veggies, a fish enthusiast can pamper themselves withA Fishy Affair - Bhetkifish cooked in white wine, accompanied with quinoa and fresh vegetables or relish the sumptuous Prawn for the Brawnserved with Quinoa and an assortment of farm-fresh vegetables.