Starbucks' new spring menu is surely going to make your spring better

Starbucks' this new release will definately spice up your spring.
  • Divya Pathak Senior Content Writer

Starbucks' unveil of two new iced drinks for spring made with coconut milk is surely going to be a delight for all of us. The outlet came up with The Golden Ginger Drink and Pineapple Matcha Drink on Tuesday.

This new upgrade has filled the menu with colorful non-dairy concoctions, hearty breakfast items and products to make you love your breakfast even more. This new delight is expected to set the perfect tone for a warmer weather. 

Combined with matcha green tea, mixed with pineapple flavours and ginger and coconut milk and ice, this drink is something that is surely going to give you the much needed buzz. The vibrant yellow iced golden ginger drink combined with ginger, pineapple and turmeric flavors mixed with coconut milk and ice is another product that we can definately count on. For ice tea lover, the new menu has smooth ice-free cold coffee drink topped with salted honey cold foam and a line of toasted honey.


Not just drinks, Starbucks has also introduced two new protein-packed breakfast wraps. The first meat-filled option has double-smoked bacon, sausage, cage-free scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and sous vide potatoes in a flour tortilla. If you are a vegetarian, not to worry, the all new Southwest veggie wrap with all your favourites combined is surely going to be a treat. 

Additionally, the brand also released a new golden turmeric coffee in roast and K-Cup form that will now be available at grocery stores and a ready-to-drink Starbucks nitro cold brew. The canned coffee is infused with nitrogen and available in three flavors: black, dark caramel and vanilla sweet cream.

With this, we cannot help but secretly wish this menu to be soon a part of Indian Starbucks as well.