Natural Ice Creams eyes launching 125 stores across India in next 5 years

The brand is also eyeing to enter its third metro 'Kolkata' soon.
  • Franchise India Team Editor
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Natural Ice Creams is planning to launch another 125 stores over the next five years across India. Currently, it has 125 stores across the country.

The brand is also eyeing to enter its third metro 'Kolkata' soon. Natural Ice Creams has covered Mumbai and Delhi in addition to other tier-2 cities.

The revenue of the company for FY18 stood at Rs 129 crore. It is looking to cross Rs 150 crore in FY19.

Srinivas Kamath, Director, Kamath Ourtimes Ice Cream – owners of Natural Ice Creams – said, "Competition has always been there. It is not just the big players, but we also count single outlet brands, that are trying things like using liquid nitrogen for freezing or presentation of the product, as competition."

"Earlier, the share of takeaway or home delivery was 10-15%, which has grown to 30% now. Where we earlier used to cater within a one-kilometre radius, this has now increased to three or four kilometres, opening up new locations and new customers to us," he further stated.