Mother Dairy plans to launch Santra barfi soon for helping growers

Santra barfi is a popular local sweet named after Nagpur orange.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer
Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy, a subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), is planning to soon launch its own brand of Santra barfi for helping Nagpur’s orange growers. Santra barfi is a popular local sweet named after Nagpur orange.

Mother Dairy’s Santra barfi will have a natural essence of orange in it, but it may not consist orange like the other brands in the market.

Santra barfi that are available now in the market has pumpkin or lauki (bottle gourd) as base with orange essence added. However, Mother Dairy’s barfi will be a milk product with natural orange essence.

Dilip Rath, Chairman of NDDB, said, “Though we are basically into dairy development, the minister asked us to come up with some plans that may benefit the orange growers. So, it was decided to launch Santra barfi. The product would be available at retail stores apart from Mother Dairy’s own outlets. This would come under the milk product category, a segment that has seen 61% year on year growth.”

“There were plans to also launch Srikhand. Plans have been drawn to take milk procurement to 5 lakh litre in next three years. A present it is 2 lakh litres a day. Growth in dairy business has also led to farmers buying new cattle,” he added.