McDonald’s India (North and East) adds Zomato as delivery partner

The service will be available through more than 125 McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer

McDonald’s India (North and East) has announced a new partnership with Zomato, further expanding the availability and accessibility of McDelivery. Customers in North and East India will now be able to order for their favorite McDonald’s food items on Zomato, and get it delivered to their doorsteps.

The service will be available through more than 125 McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India.

Rudra Kishore Sen, Senior Director, Operations and Training, McDonald’s India (North and East), said, “At McDonald’s, we are constantly looking for new and convenient ways to serve our customers, whether they are dining-in, or picking up their food on-the-go via our drive-through restaurants or ordering through McDelivery. We are excited to make McDelivery accessible to customers on Zomato, one of India’s leading online food delivery platforms, making it even more convenient for them to enjoy their favorite McDonald’s menu items.”

Mohit Sardana, Chief Operating Officer (Food Delivery), Zomato, stated, “It is absolutely wonderful to partner with a brand that revolutionized the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment in our country. Indians have endorsed, loved and cherished McDonald’s for more than two decades, and there’s only one thing to be said on Zomato now empowering McDelivery – I am lovin it.”

The partnership with Zomato has added a new dimension of convenience to McDonald’s core of serving great tasting food to the customers every day. Zomato’s live order-tracking feature is streamlined with the in-restaurant operation to provide the best experience for diners by delivering their food as hot and fresh as possible.

QSR’s Statistical View

As per a recent report, the Food Industry is no doubt booming at a fast rate, with Full-service restaurants and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) together accounting for around 73% of the total restaurant industry.

According to the report by the National Restaurant Association of India, the overall restaurant market will touch Rs 510 billion in the next four years, from the current Rs 205 billion. It said that QSR space would be amongst the fastest-growing, touching nearly Rs 250 billion of the overall market in the next few years.

Popularity of QSR in India

QSRs have gained popularity with evolving lifestyles, urbanisation, and growing nuclear families. They are growing faster than the full-service restaurants across the globe due to their quick deliveries and competitive pricing that attract consumers. McDonald’s was the first QSR in India followed by various others such as KFC and Dominos.

QSRs have always been a zone of attraction for both consumers and business investors, making its franchises a lucrative segment for investment. QSR can be a one-stop destination for budding entrepreneurs that are stepping in this industry for the first time.

The Changing Behavior of Customers

Standardization across food outlet chains in terms of ambiance, hygiene, easy accessibility, and service has caused an instant interest in the mind of the customers, increasing the QSR’s footfall. QSR’s are helping Indians to warm up the western cuisines.

Despite Indian food being the ultimate winner, cuisines like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and American are gaining significant popularity because of the curious customers who are willing to experiment with their taste buds.

Seeing the potential of the Indian food industry, more franchisors could be seen entering the QSR segment for marking their existence as a brand.