Living Food Co. Introduces electric vehicles for 30% of its delivery fleet across Bangalore

They source locally from world-class food artisans that are equally conscious about the environment.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
Living Food Co

Mobility and Food - two seemingly disparate sectors are undergoing one of the most transformational shifts, with far-reaching implications for the way we live. Leading the way forward, Bangalore-based Living Food Co. is using electric vehicles for their delivery fleet in the city to integrate the future of food with the future of mobility.

Currently, 30% of Living Food Company’s last-mile logistics is powered by a homegrown electric bike company and they aim to increase the use of electric-powered vehicles to 100% over the next year.

Speaking of the current industrial food supply chain, it is extremely complex and is plagued by inefficient supply management and wastage. With extreme weather ramping up globally, farmers are facing the brunt of climate change in agricultural practices around the world. Food loss and wastage contribute up to nearly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Such inefficiencies are massive contributors to global warming, and merit urgent action and innovations that are climate-positive.

Living Food Company solves these issues by delivering insanely fresh, high-quality food while producing minimal food waste. From freshly baked bread to vegetables harvested the same day of delivery, they are setting the standards for food that is better quality and lower in carbon footprint.

They source locally from world-class food artisans that are equally conscious about the environment, setting off a cascading ripple effect and building a marketplace that is geared extensively towards sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

“Our goal is to fundamentally change the way people think about food. We are always integrating new ideas and building innovative pathways to shape the future of food for India and the World. What Living Food started a few months ago will stay relevant for years to come. That's what 'sustainable' means — it works and it matters for everyone,” shared Akash Sajith, CEO of Living Food Company.