ITC’s Sunbean Beaten Caffe to compete with Unilever’s Bru and Nestle’s Nescafe

Sunbean Beaten Caffe is a ready to use beaten coffee paste.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer

ITC, The Kolkata-based cigarette-to-cookie maker, has test-launched an instant coffee brand, Sunbean Beaten Caffe. This brand will directly compete with Hindustan Unilever’s Bru and Nestle’s Nescafe in the Rs 1,500-crore market.

Sunbean Beaten Caffe is a ready to use beaten coffee paste. Initially, it is being introduced in Delhi NCR before its national rollout.

Hemant Malik, Divisional Chief Executive (foods division), ITC, said, “Sunbean Beaten Caffe is an innovation that has been powered by a deep understanding of coffee consumption habits of Indian consumers and thereby converting the insights gathered into a breakthrough product.”

With this launch, ITC will increase packaged foods business, which drives the bulk of its new launches and currently accounts for 21.3% of its overall revenue

Sunbean Beaten Caffe is priced at Rs 130 for 125 grams, which is lower than Bru having a price tag of Rs 175 for 100 grams and Nescafe that costs Rs 254 for 100 grams. ITC is the third-largest listed packaged foods company in India.