Hotels, restaurants allowed to open bar, violation may lead to cancellation of excise license

No standing customer shall be served by the hotel/ restaurants and clubs.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

Hotels, restaurants and clubs in the national capital have been permitted to serve liquor from September 9, shared a statement released by the Delhi government.

The associations have to follow Covid-19 guidelines issued by the central government, added the statement.  

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Some key pointers from the SOP:

Bars in containment zones shall remain closed. Entry should be allowed to persons with face cover/mask.

Not more than 50% of the approved seating capacity shall be allowed inside the hotels/ restaurants/clubs so that social distancing norms may be maintained.

No standing customer shall be served by the hotel/ restaurants and clubs.

Adequate manpower should be deployed by the licensee for ensuring social distancing norms.

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Posters/Standee/ AV media on preventive measures about Covid-19 to be displayed prominentaly.

The directive also mentioned that in case any violation of the above SOP is noticed by the inspection teams of District Disaster Management Authority/ Excise Dept, the owner of the establishment shall be proceeded against as per the provisions of section 51 to 60 of Disaster Management Act, 2005 besides legal action under section 188 of IPC. Further, prosecution shall also be launched against the GM/ manager of the premises, and the premises shall be sealed forthwith. Excise license of the establishment shall also be liable to be cancelled.