Home-cooked meal service becoming a lucrative biz opportunity for food delivery platforms

The food delivery platforms are bringing that age-old tiffin service which is still popular in several parts of India.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer

There is a saying that the taste of any food cannot match up with home-cooked food. Packaged items which are a convenient option for today’s generation such as frozen pancakes and waffles, instant oatmeal or maggie, sandwiches, etc, contain preservatives and added sugar, fats, additives, which are not at all healthy. Therefore, health-conscious consumers prefer to have homemade food which contains nutritious values.

And with the growing preference for the home-cooked meal, the food delivery platforms are entering into this category. They are bringing that age-old tiffin service which is still popular in several parts of India.

Recently, a homegrown food delivery startup Swiggy has unveiled ‘Swiggy Daily’. This app gives consumers access to a variety of simple homestyle meals prepared by home chefs, tiffin service providers and organised vendors.

The newly launched app permits users to schedule their meals in advance or opt for a daily, weekly or monthly subscription. It will list more than 30 options for every meal.

Sriharsha Majety, CEO, Swiggy, said, “There is a growing demand for quality and affordable everyday meals. With a mix of organised vendors and home chefs, Swiggy Daily will cater to this latent demand for homestyle meals that are an affordable, long-term solution for our daily food needs.”

Alok Jain, Entrepreneur in Residence at Swiggy, stated, “Daily is the first homestyle hyperlocal food subscription service in the country that will offer a world-class platform to these food service providers and help solve the key issues of discovery, flexibility and taste fatigue.”

Similarly, a food delivery platform Zomato is now planning to start a service where people can order home-made food.