Garvi Gujarat Bhavan takes Gujarati legacy & taste forward with Ba Ni Rasoi

Ba Ni Rasoi follows the concept of serving homemade food in a canteen style dining.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer

Adding to the true Gujarati grandeur, Garvi Gujarat brings forth its modern dining hall in house called Ba Ni Rasoi, a canteen-style restaurant. Ba Ni Rasoi is a name inspired by our legendary Kasturba Gandhi, who was the woman with strong beliefs, values, traditions and culture in her own right.

Ba Ni Rasoi serves as that refreshing thought of home away from home which brings in a promise of traditional Gujarati food with an authentic savoury taste and the love for pure home-cooked food. It is served by very experienced chefs from Gujarat, bringing the taste and flavour of Gujarat right in the heart of Delhi.

Ba Ni Rasoi is launched with a mission to bring to fore the authentic taste, flavours and dishes of Gujarat. It is an experience in the heart of the capital. Ranging from a wide variety of aromatic flavours to mouth-watering Farsan, Ba Ni Rasoi promises a wholesome meal comprised of pure ingredients and traditional flavours together on a plate.

Garvi Gujarat Bhavan takes Gujarati legacy & taste forward with Ba Ni Rasoi

Ba Ni Rasoi Spokesperson said, “Our honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi has already been talking about rich Gujarati culture and cuisine on many occasions. This is the spirit of Gujarati culture which is establishing its name globally for its diversity yet simplicity. It gives us immense pleasure to see this concept taking place in the national capital.”

Serves homemade food in a canteen-style dining

Nestled in the architectural delight of Garvi Gujarat Bhavan, Ba Ni Rasoi follows the concept of serving homemade food in canteen-style dining. Adding to its traditional beliefs, Ba Ni Rasoi supports minimum use of cutlery and serves food in authentic terracotta crockery and thalis.

The restaurant offers Nāstō, meaning breakfast, Farsan, meaning teatime snacks and set Thalis for lunch and dinner. Thalis represent the taste of Gujarat offering 16-18 items, carrying the very essence of Gujarati cuisine.

Garvi Gujarat Bhavan takes Gujarati legacy & taste forward with Ba Ni Rasoi

“What makes this Bhawan altogether unique is a representation of Gujarati culture with its eco-friendly approach. Today when pollution and deprivation of cultural values are the major concerns of the country, this Bhavan is one of the leading examples which will surely inspire especially our youth. Now taking the legacy forward of the vibrant culture of Gujarat, we are ready to serve it with Gujarati tastes as well,” the Spokesperson added.

Garvi Gujarat Bhavan

Garvi Gujarat Bhavan is located in the heart of Delhi at Akbar Road near India Gate. It is a fine establishment offering an experience rich in heritage and culture of Gujarat, showcased in modern sittings. Our Honourable Shri Prime Minister had inaugurated The Bhavan in September 2019.

The Bhavan has a conference room for 200 people, a board room for 60 to 80 people, a smaller conference room for miscellaneous use, and 60 rooms and suites for use by public sector units, state public sector units and corporate and private sector units available at the best rates in the heart of the Delhi in the best location. The Garvi Gujarat Bhavan brings to fore the modern Gujarati grandeur.

During the opening of the Garvi Gujarat, the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi had remarked, “Here in Delhi Khaman is also called Dhokla. Handvo is also called Dhokla. Although it the same family but the Gujarati cuisine should be so well known that a common person in Delhi should know the difference between Khaman and Handvo and Dhokla.”