Ethnic drink start-up GoliSoda forays into home desserts segment

The brand is also eyeing enthusiastic franchisee partners to strengthen its expansion strategy.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer

GoliSoda, the ethnic flavoured drink start-up, has ventured into the home desserts segment. The Hyderabad-based company has unveiled eight home-based desserts, including popular traditional desserts, Paayasam/Kheer and Ariselu, to its product portfolio.

In order to popularise these new product additions, the start-up is introducing a three-week-long Paayasam/Kheer festival across its 10 operational outlets in Hyderabad.

Ravi Teja Jallepalli, Founder of GoliSoda, said, “Ethnic desserts come with all the goodness. They are nutritious, stood the test of time and proven to be the base for healthy and joyful life for centuries. Also, we have replaced sugar with jaggery.”

“GoliSoda had launched cloud stores in Bengaluru in 2019, to drive revenue growth and maximise ROI (return on investment) through improved retail execution capabilities. The brand distribution network has also accelerated as its inked partnership with Zomato and Dunzo, alongside Swiggy,” he added.

Growth Plans

As per the market reports, the demand for packaged ethnic drinks has grown 32% over the last three years, providing huge growth potential for brand GoliSoda.

The start-up is aiming a 2.5x growth in 2020 from its last year's revenues of Rs 5 crore. With the addition of the new dessert range, GoliSoda foresees a big potential in brand growth by consolidating the penetration in this segment.

The brand is also eyeing enthusiastic franchisee partners to strengthen its expansion strategy.

Jallepalli added, “The year 2020 is an exciting phase in our growth plan. We have tapped into premium wedding events to further expand consumption volumes in the ethnic drinks market. GoliSoda will also launch its first offline quick service kiosk near NIFT, Hyderabad shortly. Our menu is well-diversified, consumption-focussed from being a thirst quencher menu, we have ventured into a new category, adding desserts such as kheers to stimulate category leadership.”

USP of new dessert range

The new dessert range’s USP is in the age-old wisdom comprehending the freshness of food, local consumption, and cooking methodology. This range, developed by GoliSoda’s R&D (research and development) team, is prepared with milk and indigenous bases such as rice, semiya, rice dumplings, and coconut.

Based on Indian recipes and wisdom, the new ethnic drinks range includes traditional coconut water, sugarcane juice, badam milk, rose milk, fruit milk, Arabian-style pulpy grape juice, Nannari sherbet, spiced buttermilk, watermelon juice and Paanakam. These drinks are served with zero preservatives, and are absolutely fresh and ethnic.