Domino’s Pizza joins hands in combating Coronavirus with 'Zero Contact Delivery'

The aim of this new delivery model is to ensure safety of both customers and the delivery staff.
  • Divya Pathak Senior Content Writer

After McDonald’s, Domino's Pizza has introduced 'zero contact delivery" across all its 1,325 restaurants in the country due to Coronavirus outbreak.

The new delivery model –

The aim of this new delivery model is to ensure safety of both customers and the delivery staff. It will allow its customers to receive their order without coming in contact with a delivery staff. The latest version of the “Zero contact delivery” will be available in the latest version of the Dominos app. For the customers to avail the service, they need to select the "Zero contact delivery" delivery option while placing an order and pay digitally from the latest version of the Domino's app.

Pratik Pota, Chief Executive Officer & Whole Time Director said, "We have launched Zero Contact Delivery. Customers can place an online order through the Domino's app, ask for Zero Contact Delivery and pay digitally. We will then deliver the Domino's pizzas to customers without any physical contact with our guests. Customer and Employee safety is our number 1 priority and we are taking all measures towards that." Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd (JFL), the licensee for Domino's Pizza in India also added that they have adopted more hygiene and sanitation protocols in all their stores for delivery.

How does the new “Zero contact delivery” work?

After the safe delivery expert arrives with the order, he will place it in front of the customer's door in a carry bag before moving back to a safe distance. The Safe Delivery Experts will wait to ensure that it has been collected. Regarding hygiene, Domino’s also stated that its restaurants, delivery bikes, delivery bike boxes, and pizza delivery hot bags were being sanitised every four hours. Not just this, they also ensured that their pizzas were baked at 245 degree Celsius.


Other fast food giants with “zero contact delivery”

Before  Domino's, earlier this week our favourite fast food giants such as  McDonald's, Zomato has also started "zero contact delivery" in the country. Apart from this, Starbucks is also nailing at preventive methods for the outbreak of the disease. It is heartwarming to see these outlets coming up with preventive method to help combat the disease.