Delivery brand Charcoal Eats partners with 3SistersDrinks

Charcoal Eats serves over 50,000 consumers a month through its 29 outlets across Mumbai and its environs.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
Charcoal Eats

Mumbai-based Charcoal Eats has partnered with 3SistersDrinks across multiple avenues.

The focus is simple - serve a viable and fun non-alcoholic beverage alongside a range of delicious biryanis.

Consumers opting for curated specialties like Biryani have for many years struggled with limited beverage options. Earlier saturated with sugary options such as soft drinks, this space now offers the option of pairing beer with biryani, a crowd puller also amongst youngsters.

“While Biryani and beer by themselves are deeply comforting foods, and celebrations in their own right – something magical happens when you bring them together,” shared Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, Charcoal Eats by adding that with the festival season round the corner, they want to offer their patrons an opportunity to enjoy beer and biryani together.

3SistersDrinks offers non-alcoholic beers in 6 flavours. Made through innovative brewing techniques, non-alcoholic beers provide a great beverage option for minors, consuming with family, friends, etc.

With a strong retail presence in 17 states and delivering all over through online orders, 3Sisters can be found at house parties, hangout spots, back-packing hostels, resorts, and restaurants.

“This partnership unifies the strength of our brands to serve customers with a complete party meal. We’ve seen this emerging trend of beer and biryani going hand in hand in parties, house gatherings, etc. We’re excited to serve this concept to consumers and expand across geographies, especially with events and festivals such as the World Cup, Diwali, and the New Year coming up,” added Akshay Solanki, Director at Shreeyum Foods (which owns 3SistersDrinks).

Charcoal Eats is a young tech-enabled, Direct-to-Consumer food company that delivers high quality, consistent and modern, yet authentic Indian flavours to its patrons. Its offerings include a signature collection of biryanis, kebabs and rolls.

Charcoal Eats serves over 50,000 consumers a month through its 29 outlets across Mumbai and its environs.