WestCoast Group inaugurates it’s new ecommerce portal Cambaytiger.com

WestCoast Group, one of country's fully integrated seafood companies has launched its e-commerce portal, Cambaytiger.com
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WestCoast Group, one of country's fully integrated seafood companies has launched its e-commerce portal, Cambaytiger.com. It now aims to be one of the largest players in seafood e-commerce space by delivering quality seafood to customers living anywhere in Mumbai. The company plans to soon expand its ecommerce service to other metros such as Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai. Cambay Tiger is one of India's largest selling seafood brands and flagship brand of the WestCoast Group.

Shivam Gupta, Director, WestCoast Fine Foods (India) Pvt Ltd said, “The quality in customer delivery of seafood in Mumbai is going to witness a sea-change with Cambaytiger.com. Customers are going to get the unparallel scale, reach and satisfaction, that they have never experienced anywhere. In a first of its kind in the country, we will provide two unique services to our customers. Firstly, customers will be able to order prawns & Tilapia straight from our farms to their homes, giving them a true farm-to-fork experience with guaranteed traceability. Secondly, there is also an option of ordering live Tilapia from homes.”

He further added “By investing in state of the art tankers to transport live Tilapia from our farms to customers directly, will result in consumers experiencing a quality of fish never seen before in India.” Live fish is caught from Cambay Tiger’s fish tanks at its retail depot in Mumbai, immediately after a customer orders.

Cambaytiger.com will serve live, raw, ready-to-cook and frozen seafood. Live seafood will initially include Tilapia and mud crabs. Raw would include crustaceans, including prawns, exotic fish such as Atlantic Salmon (flown all the way from Norway), fresh water fish such as Catla, Tilapia and Hilsa and sea water fish such as Indian Salmon, Seer(Surmai), Chinese Pomfret and Silver Pomfret. The ready-to-cook seafood will include marinated Tilapia, Prawns, Pomfret, Salmon and Surmai. Frozen will include DVT Prawns, Tilapia, Fish Fingers, Basa Chunks, Fish Pakodas, Fish Seekh Kababs and Surmai. Customers could also order items such as marinades, canned fish and regional fish pickles online.

Cambay Tiger’s callout line to its customers has been ‘our fish hasn’t been to the fish market so shouldn’t you?’

Cambaytiger.com will also serve frozen veg snacks of Frish and Kawan brands such as Garlic Naan, Aloo Kulcha, Pizza Pockets, Jalapeno Cheese Pockets, Potato Alphabites, Potato Teddy Bears, Potato Masala Wedges, Tawa Paratha, Onion Paratha and Multi-grain Paratha.

WestCoast recently opened a state- of-the-art 3,000 sq.ft. cold storage and distribution centre at Mahim, Mumbai that will support its e-commerce in the city. It also owns and integrates its activities right from shrimp hatcheries, shrimp and fish farms, shrimp feed marketing, processing, exports and domestic retail. The group is a leading exporter of seafood, primarily shrimps to more than 30 countries.

The company recently opened its exclusive lifestyle seafood retail outlet – Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart at Bandra and Lokhandwala in Mumbai. The ambience, design, display, and human resources at the shop have been tailored to give its customers a first-of-its-kind seafood retailing experience in India, they would sometimes have experienced at shops only in US or Europe. It soon plans to expand the chain to other parts of Mumbai and also to other metros.

Shivam Gupta said, “Seafood no longer remains a commodity, but has become a health and lifestyle product. So the cold chain, logistics and retail infrastructure should also change drastically to match this reality. Our e-commerce launch and expansion of lifestyle outlet Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart have been designed to meet this change.”

Cambaytiger.com will also enlighten viewers with tips to select and cook seafood and also offer exotic recipe. There is an opportunity for viewers to submit their recipes. The portal offers dietary experts including nutritionists, dieticians and culinary connoisseurs to be part of an exclusive experts group and be privy to a host of benefits such as tastings, website features and blogs.