Pristine Organic’s introduces a wide range of Millet Food Products

Millet is one of the ancient and oldest foods known to mankind
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Pristine Organic, a pioneering company in manufacturing organic and nutritional products using a wide variety of broad diverse crops, introduces their wide range of organic millets based products.

Millet is one of the ancient and oldest foods known to mankind. This super crop being reclaimed its importance in the current scenario of global warming, food security and recommended by renowned nutritionists and chefs across the world for its rich dietary fiber and nutritionally superior grain. Pristine range houses a variety of certified millet based organic food products right from cereals, biscuits, porridge, flour to baby food and nutritional supplements.

Pristine’s Breakfast cereals is all-in-one healthy breakfast cereal, a traditional Indian twist to conventional breakfast cereals with no added sugar and is minimally processed. Pristine’s millet cereals houses 3 varieties Mixed Millet Flakes and Ragi Flakes along with Corn Flakes (as corn is not millet). The brand also houses, Mixed Millet Porridge.

Pristine’s Millet biscuits are made with a combination of 5 different millets. Rich in Fiber, MUFA & PUFA, Low in Glycemic Index and is Trans-fat Free. Pristine Mixed Millet biscuits, Oven Organica are known for higher fibre content (15g) in comparison to any well-known fibre rich biscuit in the market today (9g).

The company also sells a variety of certified baby food such as 1st Bites with different stages as per the age group & Poushtik nutritional supplements for family like Balance Active, Balance PL (for preganant and lactating mothers) & Balance HP under their wide range of millet product category.