Dine with the dead

Ahmedabad based restaurant has been built in the middle of a graveyard.
  • Franchise India Team Editor
Restaurant India

Lately Ahmedabad based New Lucky Restaurant has been doing the rounds. As per the reports, this restaurant is located in a graveyard in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Restaurant owner Krishan Kutti built his restaurant in the middle of an old Muslim graveyard.

Approximately a dozen graves are scattered around the restaurant, protected by metal grates so that the coffins aren’t tampered with.  Every morning, waiters decorate the grave with flowers.

Instead of being spooked by the cemetery, Kutti decided to roll with the idea, and seat his guests next to real raised coffins.

Kutti said, "The graveyard brings good luck. Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. We have maintained the graves as they were. Our customers don't seem to mind."