You can Buy Everything at This Newly Opened Restaurant in Aerocity

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Reigning hearts all around Mumbai, Plum now brings its charisma and charm to Delhi.
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Like what you see? You can put it in your cart. Plum by Bent Chair has displayed its newest collections in the outlet such as the all-new Metallic collection, the Resin collection, the tropical paradise line, the Rugs collection and so much more. Experiential dining at its best, Plum offers people to buy whatever they like. From the furniture to the lights to the plates, everything is on sale.


Plum by Bent Chair is India's first true retail restaurant is a collaboration between - First Fiddle F&B Pvt. Ltd by Priyank Sukhija and Bent Chair by the father-daughter duo - Neeraj Jain and Natasha Jain.

Reigning hearts all around Mumbai, Plum now brings its charisma and charm to Delhi. Lauded for its one of a kind concept and its lush breathtaking interiors, Plum is India’s most Instagrammable restaurant with over 200 Instagram-worthy food and decor items present at the venue. 


The Food

The much talked about outlet will be running in full swing and will showcase its detailed taste in not just decor and furniture products, but also in Pan-Asian cuisine with some of its signature dishes that have been the highlight of every table. Choose from an array of lip-smacking dishes such as Seafood wontons, Nutella Banana Sushi, Mongolian Sliced lamb, California Uramaki, Spicy Barbeque Chicken Bao and more while sipping on flavorsome cocktails like Smash on the Rocks, Hell Boy and Coming in hot. The outlet even offers vegan and gluten-free dishes in the menu to meet the growing demands.


A Playful Design

Plum is a display of all our different collections and is all about the small details, which are iconic and eye-catching. The ceiling has the tropical collection, the cat lights, and the rocky star lanterns at the display. Every dimension is well kept and blends into each other rather than being distinctive. The bar looks mystical with the snitch lights and the changing wallpaper making Plum a place to fathom every second and every sight. Its facade is made of art stones, all installed by Bent Chair. From Barcode paintings representing retail, the mere concept of the place to 3D motions where the ceiling blends into the wall and the storyline that each object plays with another is well thought through and impressive. At the same time, they try to place every furniture without a repeat in a way that it looks comfortable and similar to our living spaces.

The paradisiacal theme of the outlet extends beyond the walls and reaches the outdoors with quirky outdoor seating that follows the tropical collection and the cherry on top of the cake is the winged 12-feet bear installed outside the venue that is sure to catch all eyeballs.

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