Yellow Tie Hospitality is Changing the Way Restaurant Brands can Scale & Sustain

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The brand that runs over 50 restaurants under various category is also planning to add 60 more outlets of various restaurants brands that it operates.
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Food Franchise and Restaurant Management company Yellow Tie that run brands like Genuine Broaster Chicken, Wrpachic, Just Falafel, Dhadhoom to name a few started it’s incubation centre in May 2018 & partnered with two brands – Umraan Regional & Wok This Way.

Started by Karan Tanna, Yellow Tie is partnering with brands that are unique and are scalable in its nature. For example;  Umraan Regional, a brand that brings together authentic regional recipes from different parts of India. The brand presence has grown by 500% in just 10 months of partnering with Yellow Tie. Similarly, Wok This Way, a healthy vegetarian oriental wok concept has grown exponentially in last 10 months in terms to scaling the business through franchising.

“We are also planning to add five more brands under Yellow Tie Hospitality’s incubation centre in 2019,” shared Tanna who look after certain criteria for taking up brands under their incubation centre.  “We focus if the brand has potential of being category leaders & have shown unit level economics,” he further added.

Expanding through Franchising

Umraan Regional launched its first franchise in Oshiwara, Mumbai and has four restaurants coming up in Nagpur, Sonipat, Bangalore & Ranchi. Meanwhile, Wok This Way is opening outlets at Oshiwara, Mumbai followed by outlets in Sonipat, Haryana & Kandivali, Mumbai.

“I am extremely happy to collaborate with Yellow Tie Hospitality as they understand the vision that I have for Umraan which is to take Indian regional food across the world. We are the first movers in Indian regional Food QSR and with this association we can penetrate market faster,” said Rahul Malik, Brand Owner of Umraan Regional.

The brand that runs over 50 restaurants under various category is also planning to add 60 more outlets of various restaurants brands that it operates. It is also eyeing locations such as Varanasi, Udaipur, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Nashik and Kochi, among others.

“Wok This Way is India’s first healthy only vegetarian wok concept and we have received tremendous response in our first store. With Yellow Tie we are confident of putting Franchise systems in place and grow nationally and look at International markets by 2020,” added Anand Bhatia, Brand Owner of Wok This Way.

Tanna also acquired Bombay Blue last month from Everstone Capital. The company will also soon launch its new brand 'Yellow Food District' and is entering the food court management segment, especially in greenfield projects and in tier-II and tier-III cities.

“ We are launching the first exclusive Yellow Tie branded food court will in Sonipat in April,” added Tanna who focus a lot on brand building, software, raw material supply, menu engineering, training and marketing.

"Staying true to our vision of giving India’s first soft power restaurant chain and seeing the value we could add to two brands that we have incubated, we have decided to incubate more brands in coming year. We are looking for category leaders brands with proven unit level economics and promoted by passionate restauranteurs," he furhet shared by adding that being India’s first and only scalable restaurant incubator it puts a lot of responsibility on them to increase the rate of success of restaurant chains and make them sustainable. "We want to leverage our experience and infrastructure to make profitable and sustainable brands and there is no more satisfaction than supporting entrepreneurs who have achieved a profitable and differentiator concept," he shared.

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