Why restaurants are banking on merchandised products amid all losses

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It can also provide touch points so consumers understand how to interact with products, especially at a time when the customers are distracted.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

With covid-19 hitting the restaurants hard, brands across globe are partnering with toys, t-shirts and accessory brand to get some sales attracting customers to buy these products.

Most noticeably, merchandising is no longer considered an afterthought, it has emerged as something that restaurant and foodservice owners now consider a must – something as important as the kitchen design and the menu. Merchandising utilizes product placement and displays to drive sales. It's an art that relies on data and understands what drives consumers. When done well it pushes a brand narrative that evokes something aesthetically pleasing and relatable. It can also provide touch points so consumers understand how to interact with products, especially at a time when the customers are distracted.

“In an attempt to engage with our customers, 1441 Pizzeria has launched a collaboration with Fighting Fame, which is our first ever move into exclusive merchandising. With 1441 and our pizzas being popular with the Indian audiences, we wanted to elevate their experience by offering merchandise which is comfortable and resonates with the core values of the brand which is providing hot & fresh comfort food,” shared Krishna Gupta – Managing Director of 1441 Pizzeria that has executed this clothing collection as it has grown into merchandising and is bringing the Indo-Western culture to India’s millennial audiences.

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Also, with these merchandise collection like never seen before, 1441 & Fighting Fame celebrate the journey & evolution of Pizza; from a basic street eat, to a global icon & cultural lifestyle loved by all with this crazy collection! With quotes such as ‘In search of pizza we lost calories’, ‘Slice, Slice, Baby’ and ‘Thankful For Pizza’, your wardrobe game is about to get a lot more trendy.  Both brands provide oozing comfort, are synonymous in their values, and provide a burst of flavour, be it to your palate or to your outfit!

“Keeping in mind both the brands, and our love for all our customers, we have come up with quirky and fun merchandise collections that celebrate our journey & evolution over the years. We hope everyone enjoys these as much as they enjoy pizzeria,” he added.

1441 Pizzeria

Similarly, Coffee-chain Starbucks has announced a partnership with Tata CLiQ Luxury, for its signature Starbucks Essentials and coffee brewing equipment. Customers can now order the signature Starbucks range of merchandise such as mugs, tumblers, sippers, from the comfort of their home on Tata CLiQ Luxury.

“Tata Starbucks is delighted to partner with Tata CLiQ Luxury, offering their audience the option to purchase our curated range of signature merchandise and coffee brewing equipment from the comfort of their homes. Building on our” added Deepa Krishnan, Director - Marketing, Category, Loyalty, Digital, Tata Starbucks Private Limited.

Also, QSR chain McDonald’s in North and East India is all set to go bananas starting July 2nd with Minions making its way to the North and East India restaurants. It is introducing the largest-ever collection of Minions toys with 36 different designs to collect. With every purchase of a McDonald's Happy Meal, customers will receive a Minion collectible packed in a blind capsule, but they won't know which Minion until they open it up. To further spice things up, select Minions will have a special Golden collectible. Yes, double the surprise, Minions-style.

“Minions are likable, enigmatic and most importantly relevant given their global mass appeal. We are excited to bring the fun and excitement this summer for our guests. We are sure that the Minions range of toys and the Minions-special menu items will provide an ultimate fun experience to our esteemed customers”, said Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East.

Hence, we can say that it’s not just about product placement in a store but also about enveloping customers in an experience. At a time of increased competition, low store sales, thoughtful merchandising can be a key factor for increasing sales. And, it can create a deep connection with a brand.

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