Why Lebanese and Mediterranean is a Perfect Balance of Health & Taste

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Within last decade, Retail Food Industry in India has witnessed newer brands (Homegrown and Multi-National) that are driving higher consumption growth and have influenced the “eating out” quotient.
  • Kumar Gaurav Director, Lub Lub Lebanese

The flavor, fragrance, taste and healthy ingredients in Lebanese cuisine have created a magnetic effect in making customers want Lebanese food several times in a week.


With the plethora of food and dining options around, in Indian market, a typical customer is often a confused one - swinging through his choices to make on the basis of variety, pricing, quality, health and most importantly, taste. Indian consumers have a deep-rooted middle-class mindset as “value for money" drives the maximum decisions.The dining behavioral pattern of middle class has literally defined the evolution of a highly progressive food industry – Quick Service Restaurants, apart from other relevant food industries.

Within last decade, Retail Food Industry in India has witnessed newer brands (Homegrown and Multi-National) that are driving higher consumption growth and have influenced the “eating out” quotient that is many times higher than the previous decade.While affordability is the most important driving factor for growth, there is a huge focus on eating “right” which is necessarily defined by what is “healthy” and “fresh”. If you look at the highly fragmented Indian food industry, there are not many “global or Indigenous” food chains that are living up to the expectations.

Healthy, fresh and tasty

It is fascinating how Mediterranean cuisine can churn out diverse set of food items using a very wide variety of food ingredients, ranging from breakfast to all day meals.Lebanese cuisine is a Levantine style of cooking that reflects a pattern from large area in the eastern Mediterranean (Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Jordan Cyprus, Syria and Palestine).

Quite contrary to amateur belief, Lebanese is a full-blown cuisine that involves whole grains, fruits and vegetables, poultry, meat and a variety of seafood. Some of the most popular dishes from Lebanese ensemble are Shawarma Fattoush, Shawarma, Kibbeh, Kofta, Tabbouleh and Falafel(among many others). Meats and vegetables, enriched by flavorful marination, are often grilled or sautéed, creating robust and earthy flavors.

Vegetables that are avidly used in Salads and Mezze are often sautéed in garlic, and olive oil. Lemon act as a smart ingredient and is extensively used in authentic Lebanese food. The variety of Mezze involves diverse collection of small dishes allowing customers to pick and choose what they want.

For the conscious patrons and health experts, Lebanese cuisine use of fresh producehas always been a big thumbs up and has led to huge adoption of this cuisine in many big multi-cuisine restaurants around the country(and abroad). To sum-up, Lebanese food is both tasty and healthy and this combination makes it a popular choice with restaurant for people across the globe.

the origin of “lub lub lebanese”

In the Quick Service Restaurant format, there is a massive need to have a chain of restaurant that does justice to human need for healthy, fresh and tasty food, that one can have quite regularly without worrying about hygiene and safety. In 2015, LubLub Lebanese was established with the sole aim to be the biggest shawarma sellers in the whole world. The first outlet saw outstanding success in terms of sales and recognition from customers and established a mark for the company within a span of 1st year of establishment. The Award winning company operates 3 outlets in Gurgaon, including 2 being in A-listed places i.e. Golf Course Road and 32nd Avenue. The hub and spoke operational model guarantee quality and consistency in taste at a central level and is in-line with “Global” thinking of the leadership team of LubLub Lebanese. The flavor, fragrance and taste in LubLub has created a magnetic effect in making customers want their food several times in a week, which is synonymous with the vision of the brand. The brand is working diligently on expanding their foot print across NCR before moving to other premier cities of India, while maintaining global appeal and international standards of hygiene and quality.

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