Why customer experience will be the new marketing tool for delivery brands

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The evolution and innovation in the food industry have made it all possible like ice creams are delivered along with dry ice to prevent it from melting.
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There’s no denying that customer is a king and he’s the one who can make or break a business and same goes for food delivery business also. At a time when not a single person, including a restaurateur can imagine a day without delivery, creating the same kind of experience at home has become crucial for many restaurant and delivery brands who are delivering the food at the comfort of the home.

Creating a hassle-free experience

“We work on a concept of “From plate to table” where our packaging is designed in such a way that packed food can directly be served on the table which makes it a hassle-free experience. Delivering on the promise of premium-quality, hygienic food with twists and turns, Madam Curry takes its patrons for a ride and whets their appetites like none other. Offering scrumptious bites and delicacies, the label is serving pure ecstasy as it goes experimental with its recipes,” shared Ishaan Kapoor- Founder, Madam Curry We had been working on this concept since 2018 but catering kept us busy and we could never work on fine tuning the product and launching it. The pandemic allowed us the time it required to actually bring this concept to life.

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The evolution and innovation in the food industry have made it all possible like ice creams are delivered along with dry ice to prevent it from melting. Everything has moved online like payment for food or even the menu has become digital to order from. Mainly, contactless delivery and dining have become a crucial and growing factor given the current situation and also to create a never ending experience at home.

It’s all about quality

Quality is one of the most important factors people consider when ordering something at home. One miss and you have already lost your customer. Restaurants these days are coming up with healthier options, smaller menus, chef-focused menu, tasting menus etc to make sure the food is prepared in small batches with focus on quality and not quantity.  Also, they are making sure that the price range is also quite reasonable and pocket friendly.

“With 11 in-house brands under our belt and working with a range of partners from fast-casual chains to Michelin-star brands, and as a business focused on delivery, we have an in-depth experience on ensuring quality of dining experience in a delivery paradigm. From menu conceptualization, menu design, ingredients, packaging, and even anomalies of delivery, we invest a large amount of our brain and intellectual capacity into these components of our business model, with an emphasis on always exceeding industry standards and expectations. All of this, is a fluid discussion and interaction between departments; some concepts are hard to execute or don't stand up to the delivery model,” added Kent Wu of Taiwan-based JustKitchen that takes every detail of this into consideration, from their bag, to packages, to the food containers, and even how the food is held together and placed into the food container. 

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Thus, we can say that with more and more brands entering into the delivery segment and more people wanting to eat at home, customer experience is going to lead the business at these places.

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