Westin Kolkata rediscovers India’s culinary heritage with Vedic

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The 48 covers restaurant showcases specially-curated organic cuisine that has been tailor-made for the health-conscious Indian palate.
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The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat has earned another feather in its cap and is proud to present its one-of-a-kind specialty restaurant Vedic that traces India’s rich culinary heritage.

Located on the 31st floor of this luxury hotel, this new restaurant is born with the concept of a beautiful journey to our roots. The 48 covers restaurant showcases specially-curated organic cuisine that has been tailor-made for the health-conscious Indian palate and beautifully blends the scientific and artistic approach to gastronomy.


Vedic earns the distinction of being one of the few restaurants in India where the cuisine is designed around the harmony and wellbeing of the body and the mind. This unique menu that experiments with a fusion of flavors and modern presentation, aiming at overall holistic wellness,has been curated by celebrity chef Ajay Chopra who has been associated with fine kitchens and gourmet food for nearly two decades now. It represents the four pillars of Vedic’s food philosophy, Seasonality, Regionality, Home Food and Tradition.

Bajre ka raab

“I am sure guests will love our unique and modern interpretation of Indian classical regional cuisine. Our focus is on the natural simplicity of chosen heritage ingredients handpicked from local and regional markets and presenting them in a refined manner after employing old cooking methods to retain their original flavor,” explains culinary maestro Ajay Chopra.

Being an ingredient forward restaurant, Vedic embodies sustainable and seasonal food, sourcing mostly from local farmers and from the home-grown hydroponic garden at the restaurant, to provide fresh produce with great health benefits. The menu manifests a modern interpretation of regional Indian cuisine, offering a diverse culinary experience with myriad flavors from across the various regions of the country.

Heritage ingredients like Maratti Moggu, Jaiur, Radhuni, Lakadong Turmeric and Kodampuli find a place in this niche restaurant. The one-of-a-kind starters on the menu include ‘Millets of Mewar’ (Udaipur millet porridge, in moong pancake, date and ginger launji).

Saushatra Cake

The healthy main course boasts of items like ‘Madurai Aharam’ (lentil and spinach kootu, raagiupma, plant proteins) and ‘PhalAhaar’ (guava and apple subzi with buckweedcheela). Overall, there is a lot of variety and choice for the conscious and mindful foodies of today. The beverage menu includes cocktails and mocktails with a mix of ancient Indian ingredients, shrubs, spices and artisanal spirits that will also leave you craving for more. An interesting dessert menu comprising items like ‘PuranPoli’ (chana dal and coconut stuffing, Mishra mawa, saffron foam), ‘LahoriGajjar’ (caramelized sweet potato with edible gum choorma) and many other‘healthy’ sweetmeats offer a befitting end to the lavish spread on offer.

The progressive and eclectic menu is beautifully complimented by the ambience that promises a feel of an ancient kitchen, complete with a contemporary façade, which blends the idea of regional cuisine while merging the cultural boundaries of our past. The overall decor lendsVedic with a perfect blend of the old and the new world. The featured walls engraved with shlokas, ancient paintings and scriptures of the old civilization, all within the modern architecture of the space deserve a special mention. The interactive showcase kitchen and the retail display of spices in the centre of the restaurant and are sure to catch the fancy of the discerning guests.Also, distinctive element – the Vedic Hydroponics Garden awaits the guests at the entrance.


“We are delighted at the addition of this new dining destination at our property. Vedic celebrates India as a land of immense geographical diversity with its various dialects, flavors, spices and regional cuisines that showcases culinary finesse,” shares Subhash Sinha, General Manager, The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat.

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