Welcoming all things glamour, Billions opens its doors in Kolkata

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The 120 plus seater, spread over a massive, sprawling area of approximately 8500 sq. ft. plus, is divided into 5 unique sections.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

Calcutta’s culinary landscape has been witnessing a wave of innovation with unique new spaces opening doors in recent times. The stellar ranks of the city of joy’s exquisite bars and lounges have been adorned with a dazzling new jewel in the crown.

The newly launched BILLIONS is located in the heart of the city on the 1st floor of Trinity Tower in Topsia.


The magnificently designed ‘uber house’ appeals to Calcutta’s elite and aspiring offering grandiose in its ambience and the spread of global cuisine.


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The restaurant offers a menu that focuses on world cuisine featuring Modern Asian, Modern Indian, American, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and beyond. DJ Cas, the in-house vibe master sets a high-energy mood at the bar, with foot-tapping music.


The 120 plus seater, spread over a massive, sprawling area of approximately 8500 sq. ft. plus, is divided into 5 unique sections; the extensive dining area – BILLIONS Dining, the magnetic bar-side seating – BILLIONS Bar, a small, cosy, private room for limited groups of guests – BILLIONS PDR, a more spacious and grander private room – BILLIONS Den and the smoking area set in a corner that invites a flood of natural light – BILLIONS Balcony.


“With a deep sense of pride and inexplicable excitement, BILLIONS has been launched as a space that does not shy away from celebrating each one’s worth. I am thrilled to bring to our city a lounge that is entirely new in its perspective and concept. With the experience that I have garnered in the F&B industry, I hope to drive the brand towards heights that inspire,’ shared Devraj Dutt, Founder & Owner, BILLIONS.


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Not to forget the signature currency-themed cocktails brewed up by the in-house mixologist, “The Billionaire”, “The Billions LIIT”,“Candy Crush”, among others, are crafted to cash in a billion rich, exoticflavours for your taste buds, leaving you craving for more. The lounge also offers a selection of ‘craftails’, which are lip-smacking cocktails from the tap!


BILLIONS aims to establish itself more as a lifestyle, a state of mind that the city’s elite connect with and enthusiasts aspire to reach.


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