“We have added healthy options, reduced price so that customers try it more often”

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Akshay Luthria, Owner, Street Storyss, Vegetarian Craft Kitchen talks about restaurant business during the pandemic.
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Street Storys

As you have opened your restaurants again. What changes are you seeing in customer behaviour?

As everyone gradually emerges from the lockdown to embrace the 'new normal; the diners have become a little more cautious. They are stepping out and going to their favourite places after a very long time. They are hesitant with the 'new normal'. Last few months have made them go back to their favourite places on the understanding of the hygiene standards and assurance on following govt norms of social distancing. We at Street Storyss ensure to take care of all the precautions with utmost sincerity. With top-notch hygiene practices and more spacious seating arrangement than before, the craft kitchen assures its patrons for having a great time.  

What are some of the safety measures you have adopted for customer and staff?

Precaution is the only real solution to this unprecedented pandemic caused by Covid-19; we believe that social distancing will likely to continue to be a concern. We have taken care of all the safety measures for our customers; whoever comes to the restaurant for dining and also contactless takeaway or be it delivery. There are following steps which we ensure to check before customers enter the premises for dining-

a. Body temperature checks at the entrance with the help of infrared thermometer at the entrance 

b. Hand Sanitisation before the guest is seated and to use hand sanitizer before seating. 

c. As the seating has been re-allocated, the tables at the restaurant kept in a distance of 3-4ft/1mtr from each, keeping a bar of maximum four people can be seated in one table at one time.

d. Contactless dinning has started to reduce contact with customers & staff

e. We are serving food in the trolley so that customers can pick up their plates, glasses & food by themselves

f. Lukewarm water is also offered to all customers to drink

Have you incorporated disposable cutlery and tissues at the restaurant?

We aren’t serving food in disposable cutlery to stop spreading the virus at the restaurant. To resolve this, we sterilize all the crockery and cutlery in a UV machine and wash in hot water with the help of some appropriate chemicals.

How has been the response, number of customers on average?

As we have reopened the restaurant after more than two months of lockdown, the challenges of adjusting the business seem a little tight. Until now, we have got a positive response from customers to our restaurant reopening as part of Unlock 1.0. Also, our culinary R&D team has been busy working on bringing out new signatures dishes with the punch of flavour, which was missing for everyone due to lockdown and that has pushed the customers to come back to enjoy the flavours.

How much time you think it would take to come back on track?

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has impacted most restaurants across India, and no one knows how long it will likely to continue. The coronavirus has badly scared people, so they are not taking any risk to come out of their homes for dining; hence we are offering home deliveries and takeaways at Street Storyss. 

Have you also changed the menu according to demand as it is assumed that people are looking for more healthy options these days during Covid?

Yes. We have also changed the menu according to demand and added some more healthy options by reducing the prices of the dishes comforting our patrons to try often and more. We have been taking a special menu request for our regular guests since we have resumed operations. 

What about online ordering? Do you think it is going to be the future of dining scenario?

Yes, this pandemic has made everyone go online, irrespective of where they are based out of in the world. We have been online for our restaurant reservations since we opened doors for the public. Now with the increasing demand for online delivery orders going, it is here to stay for some time. 

What is your expansion plan?

We have expanded our current property to double its size. Further expansion to different cities will have to wait till COVID 19 issues have been permanently resolved.

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