“We are Planning to Open 5 Micro Breweries by 2021, Pravesh Pandey”

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At Indian Restaurant Congress, Pravesh Pandey, Director, The Byg Brewsky Brewing Company unfolds the successful journey of this iconic brand.
  • Reetika Bose
Restaurant India

With nothing less than a paradise, a home to all the beer lovers in Bangalore, The Byg Brewsky Brewing Company is all set to mark the beginning of a new era, where crafting beer comes with signature service and taste.

Recently adding feather in their cap is the brewery which is spread across 16000sq ft with a micro brewery holding 16 beers on tap which works as a milestone for us to set in a country like India.  The culture of Brewery has been recognized globally with top players juggling things up in the Beverage Industry. No wonder, Bangalore is called the Miicrobrewery Capital of India.

Pravesh Pandey, Director, The Byg Brewsky Brewing Company shares with Restaurant India, the initial stint of establishing a mammoth, sheltering space for private brewing.

Birth of The Concept

Pandey said,” The intention and the purpose of the company is to primarily deliver happiness through our employees and people, making sure that the mission of the organization is dedicated towards crafting experiences. Everything we do is handcrafted, not only the brewery but the food and also experience with the signature service.

“It is a feel good factor but it’s not the only reason for us to get super boasted about ourselves”, he added.

Thinking Out of the Box

Nightlife culture is an integral part of any city’s identity and we’ve been able to carve out a niche for the brand by building a habitat of sorts in the middle of a bustling city.

“We’ve had success with creating that special little mind space by fostering a sense of community. Our bar is managed by some of the best mixologists in the country who churn out some game changing cocktails. We plan our event calendar with the intention of creating a culturally rich place where various performing artists come together and perform with local talent”, said the

 We are now in the process of developing a cultural hub for Bangaloreans where art, music, entertainment merges together with upscale food and beverage offerings. This space will provide a platform to a larger set of patrons to come together and enjoy the re-defined nightlife which once made them proud.

“Bigger the places, more the opportunities to create experiences which have long lasting memories”, said Mr. Pandey.

Don’t Overlook Creativity

To stand out in an already crowded industry, your restaurant has to provide not only good food and service, but also a unique dining environment to enhance customer experience. Sharing similar thoughts, Pravesh said,”

We have created an environment offering large spaces which carry a synergy created by people. It's all about transporting people to a surrounding that inspires and stimulates your senses. Our designs are conceptualised and curated keeping in mind this vibe.”

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