Top Tips for Restaurateurs from Famous Chef Hemant Oberoi

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In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India Hemant Oberoi, Chef and Restaurateur talks about innovation in food.
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Restaurant India

Chef Hemant Oberoi is one of those chef who has made Indian cuisine famous worldwide and was the face of Taj cuisine for over four decades. The owner of much acclaimed Hemant Oberoi in BKC. He also owns Masala Street in San Diego and Yantra by Hemant Oberoi in Singapore.

Not only this, he is the only Indian chef to have been invited twice to demonstrate his cuisines at the World Gourmet Summit and the first Indian chef to the World Gourmet Club. Known for his innovation and uniqueness he talks about top food cultures. Excerpts from the interview:

Talking Food!

I have predicted this 10 years ago that classical is going to come back. It is a vicious circle. People want to eat good food, wholesome food. It can be presented well, it should look good in plate but classical can also be done that way. So, why run around fusions when you can do your classical so well. Meanwhile, healthy foods are definitely going to rule. Though, they are already in. People want to eat healthy; they want to eat right things.

Entry of Global Cuisine

The Peruvian, the Latin American food is going to make big in Indian market. Since, the ingredients are so good, fresh and that’s going to play quite an important role in the restaurant scene.

Playing with Flavours

I always want to create things. If I don’t create things in my life, it’s not done. The other day I was thinking why everybody is doing sushi this way and plan to do it in a way where people can see the whole ingredients. So, make an open face sushi where every ingredient is put nicely on top of it and presented so well that people can fold the sushi themselves and eat it. I brought the chocolate shawarma as an innovation and it’s very popular in the menu. These are the innovations and newness we want people to experience.

Tips to Young Restaurateurs

Patience is the Key, Quality and Consistency is very important. If your consistency is not good it can’t ever happen. If people come today and they expect the same thing tomorrow and you don’t deliver, it’s not going to happen. Today, customer can forgive you once but not twice. In earlier days, one was a mistake, two was an error and three was blunder. Today, one is a mistake and two is a blunder. Customer has choices, so they can make or break the business.

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