Top Growth Strategies from Up-and-coming Power Players

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A restaurant owner need to focus on unit level and break down the cost structure reach individual brand and outlet and ensure that they are churning into good amount of cash.
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GenY is reinventing their restaurant business for today’s times and have thrived through long stretches of the century by sharing the secrets to their perpetual youth and constant reinvention. The Generation Next is all set to change the restaurant industry. Family business new leaders & young start-ups with unfamiliar know-how have successfully navigated today’s new normal of tough consumer demands, high-quality menu expectations and game-changing technology. These young guns will share the winning formulas of leading growth chains set to be tomorrow's big brands. Excerpts from the session at Indian Restaurant Congress, New Delhi.

Delighting Customers Through Cloud-Kitchen: A lot of delight factors comes straight through staying true to one’s core value which is food taste and hospitality whether it is a restaurant or a cloud kitchen. “What is happening in the industry is that a lot of players are focusing on non-core aspect of the food and on the other hand we stay true to our core food values. We have our in-house tech, marketing, content and I think that is driving a lot of experience and is a game changer for us,” said Ishita Yashvi, Co-Founder & CMO, Cross Border Kitchens that is mostly into online delivery and cloud-kitchen business marrying generational cooking expertise with technology to deliver food conveniently without compromising on taste, freshness, and authenticity.

Coping up with New Trend: “Generally we change the plate but not the food. The food remains constant what we use to serve in 1948 because that’s the only way to coping up,” shared Savar Malhotra, Managing Partner, Embassy Restaurants & Catering because every day there is something new coming up. Earlier, when restaurants have to market their brand or product they use to print leaflets and send it out. But today they have to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Swiggy, Zomato etc. “At the end of the day we serve food and experience to the clients who are coming in. We make them feel delighted by serving them something that they won’t get anywhere else,” he added who is running one of the first pre-independence restaurants in Delhi.

Serving the Best: The best way to get customer is word of mouth and till now Daryaganj restaurants have not done any kind of direct marketing. “We take feedbacks from customers who come on daily basis and encourage them to go back and talk about us,” claimed Amit Bagga, Co-Founder, Daryaganj who are one of the first inventor of butter chicken in the country. “The story goes, one night there were lots of people who visited restaurant and there was not much to serve them, he saw (Mr. Kundan Lal Jaggi) some tandoori chicken and some tomatoes lying in the kitchen. He thought of taking some tomatoes, butter and spices, mix it in the tandoori chicken and that’s how it was invented. Every day we mix fresh tomatoes, we do not use cream but simple dairy butter and it is very close to the butter chicken we used to serve in 1947,” he further added.

Using Background : “Most of the outlets were already started by my father. I just made sure that it continued to run at a regular pace after I joined the business,” said Tarun Mahadevan, Director, Cool Cream Milano who believed that the large portion of it is that when you have operation at that level. A restaurant owner need to focus on unit level and break down the cost structure reach individual brand and outlet and ensure that they are churning into good amount of cash. “My parents always taught me three things- revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is reality. So, unless you get cash in bank accounts it is very difficult to sustain in the business,” he shared smiling as he likes to have a sustainable growth ensuring that they have a good, sustainable cost structure for each brand at the outlet level.

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Growth Strategies from Up-and-coming Power Players
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