This Sweet Brand is Reimagining Indian Heritage Through Design and Décor

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Started by Rajesh Dadu, back in 1993, Dadu’s is a leading and trusted name in the traditional Indian sweets market.
  • SARA KHAN Feature Editor

Started by Rajesh Dadu, back in 1993, Dadu's is a leading and trusted name in the traditional Indian sweets market. The journey which began with an 800 sq ft shop in Hyderabad with only two chefs is now 400+ employees strong and has a presence across the nation supplying sweets to the who's who of the Indian industry. From over a million individual customers to a number of corporate giants, everyone vouches for their taste and quality. Over time, Dadu's has won several awards, certificates and has also been appreciated by the Hon. President of India.

Located in one of the most commercial areas of Hyderabad, this quaint store is an ode to the nostalgia of customary family gatherings and festivities.

The Architecture

This food brand, that started out with a small traditional sweets retail outlet, is now a trailblazer that is designed by RMDK Architects as a delicate amalgamation of the local heritage and a global influx by reinterpreting heritage and, thus, creating new identities. It celebrates the quirks of a luxurious international retail experience brought together in an Indian context to perfectly reflect the changing taste and face of a younger India.
In line with the brand philosophy, its architecture reimagines Indian heritage into a familiar, cosy and international retail experience. Dadu's is an exercise in contemporary luxury that perfectly balances the old with the new to radiate classy and chic relaxed vibes for everyone to enjoy and soak into.

The Décor 

The jaali patterns, traditionally used as screens, have been reinterpreted into clean geometric patterns for screens, wall cladding and ceiling panelling to create a strong visual harmony and bind all the spatial elements together. This is complemented with chic patterned tiles inspired by the rich royal motifs that add colour to an otherwise neutral palette. The arched glass doors and windows, the wooden ceiling rafters with brackets and the elaborate chandeliers are reminiscent of the city's splendid architectural heritage. 

The custom-made minimal display counter by Climaire further emphasizes on the simple yet timeless Indian splendour. The fine grooves on the surface of the stone-clad display give a fine play of light and shadow, thus, adding depth and charm to its patterns and texture. The premium gifting section further stands out with its highlight feature wall in a rich blue along with with custom made titanium coated steel fixtures. It exudes the warmth and extravagance of the royalty in a highly urbane and Avant-Garde setup. Such intricate details along with suave classical furniture and a perfectly controlled lighting spectrum create a lavish and elegantly seamless spatial experience.

Designed to evoke an old-world charm and comfort, the store is a graceful experiential indulgence. A wide array of materials, colours and textures have been nimbly translated into a humble yet luxurious ambience. A neutral colour palette and use of naturally sourced materials complement the products on display while also adding warmth and homely comfort to space.

Being amongst the most prestigious brands from Hyderabad, the design brief required a contemporary interpretation of the opulence of the city's rich architectural heritage. This was adeptly done by adopting various elements from its forts and palaces and transposing it into cutting edge planning, technology and construction methodology.

The Menu 

Dadu's brings a path-breaking collection of more than 200 varieties of sweets and confectionaries and their constant strive for innovation has helped in strengthening brand loyalty while attracting the newer generation. Already well known for their range of traditional Indian and international delicacies, Dadu's has introduced a whole new range of fusion gelato, along with a premium gifting range of wedding cakes, festive chocolates and gold foil sweets. They have championed the art of marrying the love for Indian traditional chaat and spices with the taste, variety and presentation of the global counterparts with dishes like Wood Smoked Dhokla Spongy Chaat.

With six outlets at present, Dadu's has ambitious plans of expanding their presence further nationally in the immediate future.

Quick Facts

- Principal designer - Dhruva Kalra
- Team: Dhruva Kalra, Sanjay Sah, Pranay Sharma
- Photo credits: Ricken Desai
- Project location: Kukatpally, Hyderabad
- Gross Built Area: 2500 sq.ft
- Display & Refrigeration products: Climaire

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