This Sweet Brand Blends Luxury With Traditional Flavours

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The innovative unconventional mix of delicacies forms the USP of Nihira, the sweet brand.
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The journey of Nihira began with an unprecedented start as Subha Aggarwal at the age of 47 with her 22-year-old daughter Arshya Aggarwal were baking cookies in the kitchen which transitioned into making luxury mithai; the two started experimenting with sundry options to construct a barfi fusion as an alternative to the traditional mithai. 

To cook within the defined recipes had always been boring for Subha and Arshya. With no prior experience in the food business, but an imaginative vision and the urge to make it happen made Nihira possible. Nihira offers fusion versions of Indian mithai which are an amalgamation of modern flavours with traditional items resulting in exquisite luxury treats.

Arshya Aggarwal (left) and Subha Aggarwal (right)

In a joint interaction, the co-founders of Nihira, Subha Aggarwal and Arshya Aggarwal tell Restaurant India what made the mother-daughter duo enter the sweet segment of the food business. 

What is the ideology behind Nihira and what makes it different from other sweet brands in the market? 

Over the past few decades, grandmothers were associated with old school sweets and the younger generation with new treats such as chocolates, candies and other trending delicacies. Nihira sought to bridge the gap between old and new, creating something fresh and exciting, merging old-school mithais doused in fun fresh flavours while keeping Indian roots intact for all generations to savour together. As we all know, sweets are a consequential part of the Indian culture and hold significant meaning in our society for every occasion, Nihira brings to the market traditional Indian sweets with a contemporary twist, making it different from other sweet brands on the market. 

Liquor Laddoo

What are the innovative elements in Nihira’s products? 

Nihira brings together an amalgamation of modern flavours and traditional sweets creating exquisite luxury treats for everyone to love and savour.

The innovative unconventional mix of delicacies forms the USP of the brand. Some of Nihira’s favourite items are the collector’s edition liquor ladoos such as red wine, whiskey, mojito or champagne ladoos, barfis like cheesecake, bubblegum or oreo barfis and even savoury delights such as peri- peri namkeen paare, BBQ namkeen paare, snickerdoodle meethe paare and many more. 

Bubble Gum Barfi 

What has been your top-selling product by far? What is your personal favourite treat from Nihira?  

The collector’s edition liquor ladoos - a blend of premium spirits with the classic ladoos hit the right chord with customers. The cheesecake barfi has also been a huge crowd pleaser. Both items are one of Nihira’s personal favourites as well. 

Where do you source your ingredients from?  

We at Nihira are very particular about what goes into our sweets, so we don't compromise on the quality of the raw material at all. We procure the best quality ingredients in their purest form, sourcing them from both domestic and international markets.   

Lavender Laddoo

What are your expansion plans with Nihira?  

Nihira is for everyone to love and cherish. We ship all over India and internationally as well, and soon plan to open our doors to customers with physical stores broadening our horizon. 

How do you maintain the health and nutrition value of your products?   

We at Nihira take the health and nutritional value of our products very seriously.

Each time we introduce a new flavour, food testing and quality control measures are carried out with each batch of items that are prepared closely monitoring the same on a daily basis. 

Mojito Laddoo

What are the key challenges of being specifically in the sweet sector?  

By far, the key challenge of being in the sweets sector has been to incorporate the most distinctive flavours in our treats making sure the sweetness level remains subtle as opposed to becoming overpowering, thereby, striking the perfect balance to create the right blend of flavours. Innovation is a challenge; we enjoy creating treats with unique flavours and textures to pamper the palettes for all age groups. 

What are five key marketing strategies to reach out to your target consumers? 

Five key marketing strategies to reach out to target consumers are through newspapers and publications, creating social media strategies, cross-collaboration with brands and hosting/ participating in events.

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