This Startup Beverages Brand is Top Favourite Among Millenials

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Talking to Restaurant India, Rajshree Maheshwari, Founder, Matcha Culture talks about healthy beverages.
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With growing awareness about health foods and ingredients, people are more focusing on getting the authentic materials. Matcha Culture, was started a years ago that imports high quality Japanese Matcha from Kyoto’s farmlands and caters to the Indian market. The whole idea was conceptualized during Rajshree’s(the founder) exploratory travels when she noticed a frenzy of health enthusiasts adopting the- ‘matcha way of life’. Curious about the product, she traced its roots back to Japan and the rich Japanese culture. Having understood the goodness that this nutrient-packed superfood has to offer, she felt that it should to be consumed by Indians- a country where the fast-paced lives lead by our generation calls for a well-deserved daily detox. Riding on the philosophy that good health is paramount, Matcha Culture was born. Excerpts from the interview:

Venturing into the Food Biz

Although I have previously explored the investment banking and the travel industry, the fitness and food industry has always been something very enticing to me. Hence, when the idea for Matcha Culture came by, it felt like my true calling.

Riding on Health Factor

Matcha has several health benefits- it is high in antioxidants and packed with various nutrients. It aids in weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism, helps fight cancer, has anti-ageing properties, gives the body an energy boost due to its caffeine levels, to name a few.

Matcha and green tea are made from the leaves of the same plant- Camellia Sinensis. What sets matcha apart is the intricate process of growing and preparing it, and therefore its unmatchable nutritional benefits. Studies show that 1 cup of matcha is nutritionally equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea. Given that India has a huge customer base of green tea consumers, the healthier alternative to green tea will soon become the next step towards a more health-conscious society.

Catering to a Wide Customer Base

Our customer base is predominantly more B2C. However, we are currently in talks about partnering with several cafes and niche restaurants to become their supplier of matcha tea.

What is the price range?

Our product price range starts from Rs.850 and goes upto Rs.2500 for our Matcha Kits.

A favourite among All!

While some teas are not ideal to be consumed by adolescents, matcha tea is. It works wonders for people across all age groups. However, men and women in the age bracket of 18-45 years, who love to experiment, tend to have a growing affinity towards the product. The product seems to be more popular amidst metropolitan cities where customers are more willing to spend on a premium quality tea without putting a price on their health, and where restaurants use matcha as a new and exciting flavor to experiment various sweet and savory recipes. The product is also popular amongst various nutritionists.

What trend do you see happening in beverages going forward?

Since the tastebuds of the new-age consumers has evolved from one loaded with sweet flavor profiles, the dash of bitter and vegetal flavor profile that matcha adds to beverages is being increasingly appreciated. Consumers are growing an affinity towards the bittersweet symphony that matcha brings to beverages.

Flying High

Given the versatile nature of the product, it can be used with water, milk, and just as an added supplement to various food and beverage recipes and can also be used as a natural 100% plant based pre-work out supplement given the caffeine content, metabolism boosting and calorie burning properties. Thus, exploring new markets helps us channel the creativity that this product has to offer. Hence, given our online presence, we are contemplating about creating an offline presence in the form of cafes in the future.

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