This Resto-bar boasts of a design that creates a high energy vibe

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The lighting pattern is also synced with the outdoor bar which was controlled through the WiFi that could come in handy during the harsh summers of Dubai.
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Adding to Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, Founder at Chromed Design Studio’s array of international projects is the newly launched Glo - an exclusive, high-end resto-bar located in the heart of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

As the name suggests, the key features at this exuberant diner are the glowing arches and luminous globes which light up the entire outdoor space and the surrounding water body. Offering a diverse experience indoors and outdoors, this physical space has been designed to manifest a myriad of sophistication.

Glo Dubai

Providing an illusion of the outdoor space glowing in a pool of water, Ar. Abhigyan Neogi has created a light spectrum that fabricates a high-energy vibe making the entire area glimmer in the dark. Presenting an unparalleled experience of a mirage, the colour palette and the lighting scheme chosen are vibrant and lively. The bar is divided into two zones- the indoors and outdoors, each carrying its own personality yet merging as one. Complementing the interiors with the exterior radiance, the elegant indoors comprise of rich tones with opulent gold accents. The lighting fixtures including dramatic pendants in the indoor area are in impeccable symmetry with the outdoor lighting scheme, formulating an overall gleam of shine in this upscale bar.

Glo Dubai

Keeping the main focus on the outdoors, the water body around the podium binds the view by reflecting lit arches and LED globes which create a mirage of lights floating in the water. Metallic furniture is incorporated with a powder coating over the bar stools and sofa against rusting. The tabletops are made using onyx marble encased in a metal framework. The outdoor furniture is inspired by Paula Lenti, providing spirited and funky energy. A contrasting colour scheme of rust and teal on a grey background is induced to accentuate the seating area. The outdoor bar has a red onyx marble countertop with fluted MDF and a step bar back paired with huge dangling chandeliers over them. The DJ console is synced with the bar and is made in transparent acrylic. The speaker set is provided with the smart use of lights on the edges and on the front to give definition to the transparency.



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Moving into the interior zone, the decor here is adorned with wooden arches encased in SS brass sheets to follow the concept of the outdoors. The wallpapers are opulent and rich in schemes of purple and wine shades on a floral theme. Furniture upholstered in dark velvets offers a luxurious atmosphere. The indoor bar also maintains the red onyx marble countertop with a lighted-up sheer curtain covering the front of the bar.

Glo Dubai

The material palette of the project consists heavily of terrazzo, wood, and steel. Keeping the design minimalistic, diagonally patterned terrazzo tiles are used for the flooring with SS inlays included in grey and black terrazzo. The lighting pattern is also synced with the outdoor bar which was controlled through the WiFi that could come in handy during the harsh summers of Dubai.


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Presenting a dynamic depth to the designed space, the project showcases an uplifting yet serene environment with the interplay of lights and textures. Keeping up with their exceptional designing prestige, Chromed Design Studio has once again created an unforgettable experiential space in the Emirate.

Glo Dubai


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