This Restaurant takes you through a mix bag of Regional Indian Flavours

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Adding uniqueness, modernity and panache of its own, Maachis is the new stylish to be place of the city.
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The most important element of Indian cooking “Maachis” is the ignition to the heritage of diverse Indian cuisines. The love affair of Indian cooking with a mixed bag of flavours, techniques and tales of different regions is housed at Ardee Mall in the bustling metropolis of Gurgaon.

From the makers of one of the leading & prominent Indian cuisine restaurant “Not Just Paranthas”, Varun Agarwal & Supra Agarwal brings MAACHIS – “Houseful of India”, a one-of-its-kind Indian Tapas & Cocktail Bar.


A creator of local regional dishes – MAACHIS renders age old traditions to create an experience that toasts to old times and celebrates the new. 

“Extremely diverse & unique, India is a display of an array of flavours that dish out magic in a variety of cooking styles. However, food has one common start and that is Maachis,” shared Agarwal, adding that right from the makeover to the menu everything is very Indian here.

Maachis Food

The modish construct of the restaurant, corresponds harmoniously with the tones of the space, the earthy contours and the minimalistic expression of the décor – class all the way! Right from the lights to the cane furniture, every detail in fundamentally Indian.

Created with a thoughtful attention & a fresh atmosphere – MAACHIS strips to essential in a way, still keeping a warm & welcoming emanation. An Indian Tapas & Cocktail Bar, comes with a coffee bar of its own. Adding uniqueness, modernity and panache of its own, Maachis is the new stylish to be place of the city.


With a fine and phenomenal approach, the Food at MAACHIS is a colourful curation of the Michelin recommended - Chef Gautam Chaudhary. Presenting the classics yet the unexplored charm of India’s diverse regions, the food here marries them artfully with familiar flavours.

From stylish Soups of Plum Tomato & Sweet Pepper to a traditional Chettinaadu Chaaru an aromatic elixir, Gosht Yakhni Shorba, walk into flavours of Regional Indian Salads from the tempered Beets & Coconut Salad to the burmese 1960 Atho Salad. The Regional Tapas tosses signatures from a Himalayan Spiced Mushrooms, Bengali Beetroot Chaap & Bhopali Bhutte ki Kees to Naga Ghost pepper wings, Shillong Shapale, Kashmiri Naan Kebab & Gondhraj Lebu Seekh Kebab scented with lemon leaves from Bengal. Bursting with flavours of the sea, relish Fish Polichattu, Goan Rava Fish & Kohlapuri Crisp fried Calamari to name a few.

Maachis Food

From Regional plates like the Malabari Connection to the Rajasthani Khoba Roti, Red Hot Kerala Fish Curry, Birbal Ki Khichi, Zafrani Tarkari Biryani and Parsi Dhanksar. Devour the Full course meals from Kumaon Style Greens, Tawa Keema Ghotala, Bengali kosha Mangsho, Moilee Curry and more.


With surprising elements, Desserts are a collection of Malpua Waffle, Bengali Rasgulle ki Chaat, Cheeky Chikki Baked Yogurt, Chai Biscuit served Maachis style to Drinks from around like the Kokum Chaach, Coconut Lassi, Orange & Gondraj, Imli Bunta & more experience the best of India at all under the comfort of newly opened Maachis.

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