This Noida Bar is taking Socializing to Next Level

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In an interview with Restaurant India, Charu Vashisht Sahni, Owner, Time Machine talks about opening Noida's biggest bar.
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More than putting forward any business logic, it was CharuVashisht’s instincts of bringing a one of a kind experience to the people of Delhi NCR that made her want to open up Time Machine. Excerpts from the interview:

What was the whole idea behind Time Machine?

The business aspect is present in every venture and that stays along with it but what really motivated me to bring Time Machine was the idea of introducing people with a nightlife experience like no other. I had traveled overseas and have been exposed to many cultures, dining experiences and countless music gigs that have instilled in me a wish to create my own space, in its own unique way. That was the conception of Time Machine for me.

Why Noida as a location?

Noida had a dearth of good entertainment places, restro-bars and is an upcoming market. That is when I came up with the idea of Time Machine to bring in a restro-bar in Noida which exemplifies grandeur and is a complete entertainment solution.

How about the design?

Time Machine is a king size Restro-bar inspired by the industrial era with fine artsy detailing in the interiors consisting of kinetic objects, mechanical gears, rustic lightings and wall murals depicting time travel. Set in an industrial era, based on the steam punk concept - the longest bar in Noida, also offers with a range of private lounges, one of which offers a panoramic view of Noida skyline, a spacious place to lounge and an open-air terrace to refresh. A lounge by the day and a party place by the night.

You come from a marketing background. Why Restaurant as an opportunity?

Hospitality industry has always intrigued me and my love for socializing soon turned into an amazing venture that revolves around the idea of providing people with the world-class experiences. I gathered over the years by traveling across various countries, exploring different cuisines and understanding varied cultures across the globe.

Food plays a major role in restaurant industry. How have you paired it right at Time Machine?

Definitely in hospitality industry food and beverage reign supreme. And if you talk especifically about food it is known as the largest element of the industry and one can enhance the overall guest experience by offering excellent food and first-class customer service. And at Time Machine we provide our customers with both of them. At our restro - bar, the menu features multi-cuisine with an enticing variety of dishes as well as an impressive cocktails list. It is no doubt an ideal place for an individual to indulge in the riches of different cuisines overall.

What is the average footfall at your restaurant? Who is the target customer?

The total cover of the outlet on weekdays stands at 350 people and on weekends its 600 approx. Our target audience starting off, we are geared towards young families, food aficionado, cocktails connoisseurs, party people, corporate people and diners as well.

What is the expansion plan going forward?

We have been overwhelmed with the kind of response received in the last one year. We would be looking at expanding the brand to another place, but in all good time. We are looking out for the perfect place and the right time to do so. We want to make sure that the next outlet also lives up to its name and creates an even bigger hype in the market.

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