This delivery-only concept is taking inspiration from Marie Curie by trying new recipes, routes to deliver wholesome experience

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In an interaction with Restaurant India, Ishan Kapoor of Madam Curry talks about starting a delivery-only concepts that boasts of experimental Indian dishes.
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The delivery business is dynamic and ever changing with multiple new entrants -starting up regularly. Creating something unique is extremely important to penetrate in a market that already has a lot of players. That’s why delivery outlets / restaurants are coming up with something offbeat, different from the usual to stand out. They are experimenting with various cuisines, creating unique packaging and so on to be distinctive from each other. Taking inspiration from Marie Curie, where it’s trying new recipes and routes to make it a wholesome experience for its customers rather than striving for perfection, Madam Curry is the brainchild of Ishan Kapoor, who has already gained a lot of appreciation with his bespoke catering company, The Purple Plate. Excerpts from the interview:

Ishan Kapoor

You were already running a catering arm. What made you to tap the delivery segment?

We had been working on this concept since 2018 but catering kept us busy and we could never work on fine tuning the product and launching it. The pandemic allowed us the time it required to actually bring this concept to life. Working on a delivery-only model, Madam Curry intends to become a globally prominent brand synonymous with experimental Indian cuisine. Recreating the moment where, by a whiff of the food, we could recognise our mother’s dishes, the brand intends to offer the same affection, deliciousness and love to its customers.

Madam Curry

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Taking inspiration from Marie Curie

Madam Curry has taken inspiration from Marie Curie, where it’s trying new recipes and routes to make it a wholesome experience for its customers rather than striving for perfection. It works on Ms Curie’s philosophy of & “Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it”.We truly live by this philosophy and keep working on experimenting with different recipes 

Who is the target audience?

Our target audience is anyone who is looking at enjoying authentic Indian recipes with an experimental twist. 

Catering to Delhi-NCR

We are delivering to south Delhi currently through our outlet in Haus Khas via Zomato and swiggy and deliver across the NCR through our website

You deliver food focusing on quality, ensuring the same dining experience at home. What all factors have you focused on so that the guests do not lose the experience?

We work on a concept of “From plate to table” where our packaging is designed in such a way that packed food can directly be served on the table which makes it a hassle-free experience. Delivering on the promise of premium-quality, hygienic food with twists and turns, Madam Curry takes its patrons for a ride and whets their appetites like none other.

Madam Curry

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It is believed that packaging is an important part of the delivery game as it can make or break the whole experience. How is your packaging done?

We are very unique and distinctive when it comes to packaging. Our starters/ Tikkas are tightly tucked in earthen pots and items like Biryani comes in Mutka which you can reheat by placing a candle below. For the main course items, we use paper/ cardboard containers and other packaging alternatives to ensure heat insulation and regulate temperature. We also use bottled jars for salad, raita and our signature desertand test tubes for chutney.

What’s your expansion plan?

We are currently working on fine tuning our product and add some exciting experimental dishes we have been working on and soon plan to open our second outlet by July 2021 and 10 more delivery outlets by 2025.

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