This Delhi Restaurant Has An Aura of Mystique And Charm

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The grandest project to date, Dragonfly Experience, Priyank Sukhija's venture in partnership with Badshah, has opened in Aerocity, Delhi, and Sahar, Mumbai, simultaneously.
  • SARA KHAN Feature Editor
Priyank Sukhija and Badshah

The grandest project to date, Dragonfly Experience, Priyank Sukhija’s venture in partnership with Badshah, the most bankable name on the current Indian Music Scene and an undisputed Lifestyle pioneer, has opened in Aerocity, Delhi, and Sahar, Mumbai, simultaneously.

Badshah, known as the Anthem Maker, has been one of the few industry names responsible for changing the soundscape of the country. As a unique step on his recent multiple business ventures beyond music, Dragonfly restaurant brings together Badshah’s passion for good food and style, standing out as a signature handpicked blend of experiences through the food and drinks and the unique vibe of the place.



“My passion for food is well known. We have to make sure to get everything right. This is sort of a prestige project for me,” says Badshah. “Priyank and I have been friends for long, and now we are together in the restaurant business,” he adds.

MD & CEO of First Fiddle Restaurants, Priyank is well-known for revolutionizing the hospitality industry in India with brands such as Lazeez Affaire, Lord Of The Drinks, The Flying Saucer Cafe, Tamasha, Plum By Bent Chair, and more. Now, through his latest brand, he intends to bring about another revolution.

Speaking about the name of his restaurant, Priyank Sukhija, says, “Dragonfly is considered as an auspicious creature in China, and is unique in comparison to other insects. Dragonflies can fly up to a certain height, and be stable at one place. We wish to explore similar heights,” says Priyank.


Speaking about the expansion plans of Dragonfly restaurant, Priyank tells Restaurant India, “We will keep it exclusive with one restaurant in every tier 1 city; it’s a metro product. We will also look for the expansions abroad in Singapore and Dubai.”

A meticulously thought-out concept, Dragonfly Experience, Delhi, is nestled in a cozy corner of Worldmark 1, Aerocity, lending the high energy restaurant and bar an aura of mystique and charm. Spread across 10,000 square feet, the outlet features three levels, each with a bar, and a ceiling height of approximately 35 feet, making it one of the largest restaurants in the city.


To fulfil the promise of offering a one-of-a-kind experience, Priyank has selected only the best for his restaurant. Space has been designed by Natasha Jain and Neeraj Jain, owners of the e-tailer brand, Bent Chair, and Summesh Menon, a renowned architect. Reflecting Priyank’s vision to perfection, Bent Chair has also created customized furnishings with a hint of their signature eccentricity in every design for Dragonfly Experience. From the decorations at the entrance to the lights across the restaurant, the decor and furniture mirror the life cycle of a dragonfly.

Priyank, along with First Fiddle’s corporate head chef, Chef Sagar Bajaj, has curated a menu that comprises almost 80% of exotic signature delicacies that have been designed especially for Dragonfly Experience. The menu offers a blend of Asian fusion and European fusion dishes, modified to suit the tastes of Indians without losing the flavours of the authentic cuisines.



For beverages, Priyank has brought on board experts from around the world. Richard Hargroves, a renowned British Mixologist known for his concoctions around the world, has developed 16 signature cocktails that are unique to Dragonfly Experience. From the United Kingdom to New York to Hong Kong to Cape Town, Richard has worked in the drinks and hospitality industry for over 30 years.


Priyank has also collaborated with Magandeep Singh, a highly awarded sommelier, to select a range of wines that compliment the vibe, sensibilities, and concept of Dragonfly. From the concept to the decor, Dragonfly Experience offers a complete indulgence of the senses at its outlet. In the pipeline for 2 years, the Dragonfly is finally ready to soar, both nationally and internationally.

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