This Cafe is Running 22 Outlets Pan India, 150+ Footfall Per Cafe Everyday

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In an email interaction with Restaurant India Gaurav Narang, Founder, Coffee Culture talks about the growing culture of home grown cafes in India.
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Gaurav Narang

What was the whole idea behind Coffee Culture?


The idea behind coffee culture was to create the neighbourhood community spaces that connect with local culture & to serve fresh food with speciality coffee.  Coffee Culture was started with an aim to change the way people look at coffee cafes.

We have seen that India got its refined coffee with the entry of global coffee chains. How are you trying to give them a tough competition?

Way back in 2004, when we started our first outlet - there were national and international brands of coffee cafes mushrooming in India. That’s when we realised that Good Coffee Places requires Good Food. So we started Cafes with Live Kitchen & Fresh Ingredient Fusion Food unlike Other Cafes. We are now present in 18 cities & are about 22 outlets pan india. 

What is your USP?

Food is our forte and to distort the normal, our nature. You will witness the fascination that we create with our Beverage and Food presentation - distinctive and eye-boggling. Be it serving our burgers in a treasure box or our sizzlers in a wooden ship, or our iconic coffee mug - or fish bowl martini to create theatrics. We create a culture by unlearning what we have been taught. Our sense of design and food presentation will make you flabbergasted. Tugging those norms, we broke the shackles and become unculturally cultured.

We have seen that the best of decisions are made over a cup of coffee. What some of the experience that you provide to these corporate?

Best of the decisions are definitely made over the cup of coffee as we have seen a relationship start at our place and grown into a marriage and now they come with their kids. Nowadays when it comes to corporate environment a lot of deals do happen in an informal atmosphere as u feel better and open up in conversation in such spaces. A lot of corporates or co-working spaces too have realised this opportunity and positive about cafe like spaces so they have to adapt to making the office environment more quirky and cafe like to invite better productivity, openness, culturally stronger teams and better work environments.

How have you designed your cafes keeping in mind your target customers?

We are inconsistent and we are proud of it. Across India, we have different identities and messages that reflect our personality; unique and varied. To Unculture is our culture; to be boldly incoherent is our culture. We have created an ecosystem that empowers our idea to stand out, that challenges the norms that govern the rest. We dare to be different. We dare to take that detour.

We are not just any usual cafe. We fall somewhere between a café and a restaurant. What matters is we can serve you so good, you might forget what you were in for. At CC, we have developed a culture so unique; it’s amazing to see what you can do when you are not tied. We have outdone ourselves by serving live food at our restaufés. Yes, we call ourselves Restaufés. We are changing the face of the eatery ecosystem by being unconventionally conventional.

What is the average footfall at your cafes?

150+ on weekdays & 250+ on weekends per Outlet on an average. 5000+ in a month. 

Tell us about your wide variety of menu other than just coffee because a delicious coffee needs right pairing?

We always believed in creating cafes with good and fresh food. On an average a customers spends at least 75 minutes in a cafe and an average cafe when it doesn't serve good food was a great opportunity for us to create a menu with so many favourites.

You are already running 22 outlets across 18 cities. What is your expansion plan?

By 2021, we have an aim to add upto 75 more outlets to reach 100 mark. 

Since, you are into franchising. How does one begin in FnB - franchise chain? Why is franchising more beneficial?

A minimum of owning and operation 3 locations, making sure all the systems and processes are in place, the brand is successful in terms of generating enough volumes per store to generate ROI in 18 months, and the brand has the potential to scale into different markets easily; that’s when a brand can franchise post creating the right business model which is easy to replicate, function, invest & get returns. In short making it successful on B2C level and then creating a financial model and build right systems and processes on B2B level. Cafes and Restaurants always require personalised approach. The industry thrives on attention to detail, passionate souls to serve good food and coffee, and we make sure that local owners of each cafe are an asset to the brand and the consumer. We get more and more people to join hands and make sure that everyday operations, experience, and profitability of the outlets are intact. Franchise has always been beneficial in taking our brand to any locations across the country with local knowledge, network and knowhow. 

What is the motivation to create Indian culture inspired Cafes? When can we see you compete with our very Indian café CCD?

Cafes have always been places to meet may it be any kind of conversation - a date or friends or family or professionals - everytime people would want to hit at a neighbourhood place - so we believed strongly in creating neighbourhood place in right sense by taking up local elements in our spaces. CCD in terms of offerings and as brand has never been a competition or for that matter any other coffee cafe brand as we have always been an all day dining cafe from inception, so people do prefer us for anytime meals at anytime of the day; which has been our selling point always. 

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This Cafe is Running 22 Outlets Pan India, 150+ Footfall Per Cafe Everyday
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