This brand aims to serve daily consumable products, focuses on health and nutrition

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In less than two years, school pals Parth Birendra and Sahil Chopra have delivered a fundamental grass-to-glass concept that has redefined the humble milk round in Delhi-Ncr. Excerpts from the interview.
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Happy Nature

From Engineers to marketing professionals and now an entrepreneur. What was the whole idea behind Happy Nature?

Our educational background has had a very big impact on who we are and how we function. At a micro level we might not seem to be using a lot of the subject knowledge however at a macro level we have been highly influenced with the aspects of efficient resource utilisation, people management, operational efficiency and consumer behaviour, all of which have been part of whatever we have learnt.

Happy Nature

Post our education, we started working as management consultants. We were based out of different parts of the world when we conceptualized Happy Nature. Our work taught us to be more research oriented and extensive in our background study and we did exactly that. We spent almost a year discussing various ideas and finally figured that 60% milk produced in India is not up to the acceptable standards and is definitely something we should address and went ahead with our initial idea of starting Happy Moo which was a premium milk delivery service. As we grew we realised the potential of our service in terms of other products that can be added onto the portfolio and we started moving towards the concept of a Breakfast Basket and changed the branding to Happy Nature.

Happy Nature stands to serve daily consumable products which are healthy and nutritious in a cheat-free manner.  

We see that there is a sudden rise in farm-fresh-milk and people are ready to spend few extra pennies on it. Why such growth?

For almost all services / products in the country, there are several buying options available ranging from budget friendly to premium. However, milk was a product where there was no differentiation and almost everyone was using one (or one kind of) milk. This gap is being plugged in by the premium milk brand players who are offering a superior milk product with several USPs that make the product stand apart from the commercial brands.

Happy Nature

Who are your regular customers?

Our regular customers are health & family conscious individuals who care about what they consume on a daily basis and are concerned for their family’s health and well-being.

What is the range of your products?

Our portfolio consists of products ranging from dairy (cow’s milk, paneer, cheese, ghee & curd) to bakery (fresh breads, kulchas, loaves) to premium eggs, natural honey and hydroponic salad leaves

Are you also supplying to hotels and restaurants.

We feel there is a huge potential in the hotels and restaurants industry for our products given the premium quality of our products and in turn the impact it will have on the final product being served. We are keen to explore this option and look forward to working on it in the next quarter. We want to target the gourmet cloud based kitchens to begin with who pride themselves on the quality of ingredients and we will see from there how this model is working for us. 

Who do you see as your competitor in the market?

We feel the premium milk market is too nascent right now to identify competitors. There is a lot of potential for growth as the milk market is massive. We look at our peers as collaborators rather than competitors.

With Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is looking at more healthier and hygiene way of lifestyle. What are some of the measures you have adopted to stay true to it?

Fortunately for us, our practices were such that we were always extensively focused on hygiene and health at every stage of the supply chain. So for us, there has not been a major shift in terms of practices since are readiness quotient was very high to begin with, however some additional checks are being conducted at both the manufacturing and delivery level which ensure that what the customer receives is pure, healthy, safe & hygienic.

Happy Nature

How are you working on the supply side as you have eliminated the middlemen?

We look at strong partner tie-ups. Extensive quality control parameters are built into our partnerships and most importantly we look at not just the products / processes but also the vision of our partners. For us the vision of our partners needs to be aligned with our goal of being honest with our brand and products. 

What is your expansion plan?

We are looking to cover the entirety of Delhi-NCR by the end of 2020. We are on the lookout for partnerships and also marketing opportunities for organic growth. There are also talks of moving into regions outside Delhi- NCR and eventually lead up to become a national brand.

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