This Bistro Will Take You On An Inventive Epicurean Journey

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Strategically located in Aerocity, Tappa’s vision makes it the perfect place for anything that is passionately Indian with a contemporary twist.
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Tappa, the new bistro in Delhi, is the latest addition to the Lite Bite Foods family. Strategically located in Aerocity, Tappa’s vision makes it the perfect place for anything that is passionately Indian with a contemporary twist. Tappa is ready to take you on an inventive and contemporary epicurean journey. Everything about the venue is ‘Passionately Delhi’ and is perfectly projected in the Tappa experience that absorbs you from the moment you enter. The layout and design are inviting, intimate and familiar.

The ambience and decor are cues to triggering feelings of nostalgia and memories thus establishing an instant sense of belonging and connection. Think Campa Cola bottles, the sound of the bell on your childhood bicycle, hopscotch, gully cricket and everything that strikes a chord with you. Tappa thrives on a promise to be as good as all the other brands the country has seen by Amit Burman and Rohit Aggarwal.

Rohit Aggarwal, Director, Lite Bite Foods said, “We are proud to launch a brand new property in Delhi that will elevate the existing F&B industry in the city into the future but playing upon nostalgia. We feel that in the restaurant business, it is vital to offer distinctness to a restaurant in order to retain patrons in addition to an excellent food or beverage menu, skilled staff and an alluring ambience. Being consistent with the quality is integral to any F&B business and we at Tappa have brought this very ethos in every element of the concept.”

Why the name Tappa?

In a candid conversation with Restaurant India, Kushagra Nagrath, Vice President – Operations at Lite Bite Foods Pvt. Ltd., told, in Punjab, in olden times, Tappe were the songs sung to invoke a lot of emotions among people. “Tappa also means bounce, in the step when you walk in the certain memory. With Tappa, we intend to do the same. If you try, let’s say sev puri, it will remind you that you had it somewhere and suddenly it will trigger a memory,” Kushagra said.

“We are very strongly Indian in our flavours but progressive in our approach towards food. If you look at the menu, there is a kulcha, which is inspired from Amritsar but the filling is Kashmiri. We are creating a new but familiar taste. It will remind you that you have had the food somewhere,” Kushagra added.

The Menu

Tappa is defined by a great kitchen menu, something that Lite Bite Foods is synonymous for and an even better bar menu, coupled with its striking interiors making it the perfect place to be at from day to night. Serving contemporary global cuisine with a hint of local flavours the menu includes dishes that stand out such as Rum-soaked Raisin and Palak, Crumbled Naan, Duck Gassi and Red Wine Prunes Kulcha.

The menu has inventive small plates such as Sloppy Joe, Badal Jaam, Spiced Baked Aubergine Slider, Jim Beam Pork Ribs with Grilled Orange and more while their large plates include dishes like Haleem Khow Suey, Pork Short Rib Nihari, Pickled Pearl Onion, Salli and Taftan.

Chef Sareen brings a different insight into food served at Tappa. He had put different styles of cooking without compromising on the original flavours of the dishes. He has ‘married two different flavours’ and presented on the menu. Chef Sareen is much particular about the food served at Tappa. Speaking about Coconut Cream with Sous vide chicken, he said the chicken is cooked in sous vide machine for 2-3 hours at 68-degree temperature.

The Bar Menu

Apart from the classics with the Tappa twist, since they make their own bitters, the bar menu includes signature cocktails like Intermission, a smacking mix of Dark Rum, Coke and Salted Caramel popcorn, Talli Botanist, a delicious spin of Gin, Jamun and Black Salt or even Malgudi, a 90s throwback if ever in a glass, a heady cocktail of Tequila, Mango and Chili Spice and lots more.

Layout and Design

The layout and design of the concept are intimate, inviting, warm and familiar. The murals are inspired by the 90’s retro style but with a modern touch and are designed keeping in mind the diverse set of styles and trends that can be seen when one goes around the nation’s capital. Vibrant hues of neon yellow interplaying with purple highlights and installations that spell out the colloquial tongue are the defining aesthetic.

Post 10 pm, Tappa will be a high-energy area. DJ plays six nights a week. It is a vibrant young place which embraces everything. “We take everything seriously from food to the service, but it is not the serious place. It is for merriment and will make you feel light. Our focus is when the diners leave Tappa, they leave with a smile,” said Kushagra Nagrath.

Besides, the jali work at the entrance will remind you of wooden chairs with the zig-zag designs, prominently used in the olden times. One can notice three different patterns of the jali work at the entrance itself of Tappa bistro in Aerocity, Delhi.

Tappa’s broad brand character gives it the liberty to transition from a relaxed daytime bistro to a fun night-time bar, thus, making it a place for all occasions! At the heart of the concept of Tappa lie progressive and passionate Indian ideas while retaining a truly global outlook. Tappa explores Indian cuisine built on innovation.

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