This Bengaluru restaurant launches its first-ever outpost in Whitefield, in 26 years!

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Located on the first floor in the Miraya Rose complex, the ambience of Ebony at Whitefield is a tribute to colonial-style architecture and building decoration.
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The 26-year-old restaurant Ebony, located on the 13th floor of Barton Centre, is finally looking eastwards with a new outpost in Whitefield. Keeping in mind Whitefield's history and its genteel charm, Ebony Whitefield is a homage to the neighbourhood with its rich Anglo-Indian heritage, both in terms of the interiors as well as tribute dishes on the menu. Started by Rajesh Rajaram in 1993, Ebony's own journey has been all about discovering and bringing together varied cuisine, diverse culinary styles, reviving old family recipes, translating food memories to outstanding dishes and adapting to changing cultural nuances. 

Ebony's menu could be described as a happy mishmash of cuisines or to borrow an Anglo Indian term, a 'Kedgeree' (Khichdi) of cuisine styles - a truly pan-Indian experience covering the best of North, South and East of India as well as the West. Taking forward this culinary legacy is MayuriRajaram, daughter of Rajesh Rajaramand director of Aswati Inns Pvt Ltd.

The Colonial Touch

Located on the first floor in the Miraya Rose complex, the ambience of Ebony at Whitefield is a tribute to colonial-style architecture and building decoration. Expect beautiful art deco patterned, local floor tiles (sourced from a century-old tile company) perfect for those #ihaveathingwithfloors hashtag photos on Instagram. Duck egg blue walls; slatted high ceilings like one could find in old colonial bungalows, vintage ceiling fans, wooden accents, big glass windows and framed photos of India's colonial past, are other highlights. The furniture and upholstery have been carefully handpicked to reflect designs and patterns used in the late 1800s and the crockery design is based on a vintage, rustic pattern with Windsor style cutlery and water goblets popular during the Victorian era. The balcony dining area makes the most of the pleasant weather outside and is done up with plenty of greenery and comfortable seating. The restaurant design has been helmed by longtime architect and interior designer for the brand - Kabir Hira. The vibe is planter's club, but the seating is cosy and meant for family outings and dining. 

Ebony Restaurant Bengaluru

A Culinary Heritage 

Expect plenty of signature Ebony dishes to make their way to the menu at the Whitefield restaurant. The Whitefield menu will include regional specials such as the Parsee Mutton Dhansak, Balti RoganJosh, MudaliarArcot Mutton Chops, Arcot Mutton Biryani and Prawn Pulao among others. Then there is the legendary Saraswat Brahmin style prawn or fish curry - Mrs Palekar's Saraswat Brahmin Fish Curry - a gem from the Konkan region, taught to Ebony chefs by none other than MrsPalekar, mother in law to Rajesh Rajaram. Made with fresh ground coconut and spices, with a hint of kokum and green mango, this curry belongs to the Konkan Brahmin community, a community though primarily vegetarian yet pescatarian, thanks to its geographical location. Old school specials also include dishes such as the NalliKaSalan, ShahiKhumbGalouti, and Ebony's famed melt-in-the-mouth Kakori Kebabs created for the restaurant by Arif Ahmed, an ex Dum Pukht chef from the ITC group. Finish with a Nilgiris plantation special Tender Coconut Souffle, a dessert created by a cook on the Nilgiriestate where Rajesh Rajaram grew up and a fine example of the marriage of British culinary techniques and local ingredients to create unique Raj era recipes.  

As part of the new Whitefield menu, Ebony will also introduce Colonial Legacy Dishes, a nod to Whitefield's unique Anglo Indian heritage with dishes such as the Bohri Dabba Gosht and the Madras Club Mulligatawny Soup.

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