These Brands are Wooing Customers with Their Scrumptious Shakes

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In a milkshake business, in case you are opening a franchise outlet for any brand; you must first understand every detail of the brand and also their preferences and taste.
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As kids, milkshakes were a regular part of family outings, but when the phrase “cheat day” becomes your life’s biggest irony, you need to move on from childhood favorites.

With new ventures opening up in metros, milkshakes have made a booming comeback. With fond childhood memories striking again, isn’t it a grabbing opportunity to start your very own milkshake outlet.

Or, how about taking your favorite milkshake brand’s franchise and making good money out of it? If yes, we have industry experts sharing their mantra on this franchise business tale of starting a young and fresh milkshake outlet. Piled with toppings almost as tall as a milkshake glass, these milkshake brands are here to give you a whirl and blast with their creative business ideas.

Leading at the Forefront

One of the fastest growing sectors in the country, Indian consumers are gradually moving towards milkshake owing to the health benefits. Targeted at the young generation and travelers and also in increasing government initiatives to develop and enhance dairy products.

In a milkshake business, in case you are opening a franchise outlet for any brand; you must first understand every detail of the brand and also their preferences and taste. There are a lot of regional players in this space so paying attention to your competitors becomes your priority.

Aman Arora, Co-Founder, Keventers opines,” The Franchising Business of Milkshake has grown exponentially in the past few years. Through franchising, brands have entered new territories and made their presence felt amongst the new customers and audiences.  The franchise partners in all corners of the country, and also the local franchisees understand the pulse of the audiences.”

“For me, franchising is the fastest way to raise capital without any dilution”, said Arora.

Talking about the two main roles that franchising holds, Arun, Founder, Frozen Bottle said,” Rapid expansion growth comes into place since the market is for a stipulated time and one needs to capture the market of all regions.

When in the franchising model, you have multiple concerns in terms of the way products are expected in the market, the product to product differentiation that is coming from our customer’s point of view and if you are using opinions that come from multiple people then you do so.  Franchising brings about constructive criticism rather than random criticism.

Sumit Sharma, Director, Scossa, on the other hand, shared his mantra of leading a brand in the market. “A franchise is needed in order to gain access to enough funds for the business, maintain high motivation level in people, promote healthy competition with large business enterprises, and ensures greater profit in the business and reduced risk that might evolve. It also creates ease of supervision of the business.

Commenting on the current economic scenario in India, Yeshwanth Nag Mocheria, Co-Founder, Thickshake Factory said,” Today in India, there is no F&B brand in India having more than 1000 stores. The economy is developing in such a way that it is very conducing to franchising and also our business.

Further stressing the importance of franchise business he said,” It helps in scaling and expanding a brand to every corner of the city."

The Distinct Barriers

In case you are starting your own brand, a complete study of the market is equally important. The milkshake industry has many known names that have succeeded in making the Indians drink indulge in luscious products. Moreover, since it’s a healthy option, selling milkshake is comparatively easier, with the right technique. Always remember to taste the milkshakes you are about to serve to your patrons. It can make or break your business.

Addressing the multiple challenges Aman said,” Any business in the market leads to an unprecedented competition  which further leads to innovation. Also, the question arises on the quality and local ventures that have been set up in different cities.”

With an end number of players approaching the market, Yeshwanth said,” Franchising has raised the bar of the competition in the market. In a customer’s opinion, it may just look like a shake but ensure the quality and consistency of the product remains intact.”

A Dazzling Future

Sharing their franchise mantra, we have industry experts sharing their views on where the future of this relishing milkshake business lies?

“As per the statistics of the market is concerned, it will be a more than billion dollar market in the next 5 years”, said Yeshwanth, Founder, Thickshake Factory.

The Founder, Frozen Bottle, Arun said,” Until and unless you don’t have innovations coming up, the flavored milk business will not grow. By just sticking to one form of business in flavored milk will make you stand out in the crowd.”

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