The quest for health: How this beverage brand is boosting immunity during covid-19 pandemic

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Nitish Jha, Founder, Healthy Souls talks about the idea of launching an immunity boosting, healthy food and beverage platform.
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Healthy Soul

Since ages, Tea has always been a very popular drink in India and is available in various variants. It has many medicinal qualities which are helpful in many ways. With the introduction of new age tea’s made up with herbs, flowers and spices people are experimenting with their tea’s. New age teas provide the highest quality of medicinal benefits.

Not only this, since the covid-19 pandemic has hit the globe, more and more people are experimenting with healthy and immunity boosting foods, drinks and tea is one such drink or I would say addictions for we Indians that has been experimented well in the country.

Healthy Soul

Healthy souls was started in August 2019 by Nitish Jha, ex-founder, World In A Box that was an extension from his earlier venture to do something in healthy food segment at larger scale. Unfortunately because of Capex heavy nature of the business, it would have meant opening kitchen in all major cities which they could not implement that time. “We took our learning from the venture and ran a pivot to launch a wellness brand which could be scaled to all major part of country by utilizing already strong logistics chains that has been possible due to the e-commerce boom in India. Idea was to help anybody who is busy achieve his health goal through our beverages. That's what we say @ Healthy Souls, Building a healthy India one tea at a time,” added Jha.


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The brand has Immunity Plus Tea which comprises of various ingredients like Neem, Brahmi, Rosemary and Turmeric. All the ingredients have brilliant properties which work towards the enhancement of immunity and act as an immunity booster,’ he shared pointing at the benefits of these ingredients that are not just a taste enhancer but also a game-changer for many infections. Excerpts from the interview:

How have you seen the change in eating/drinking habits of customers during covid-19 pandemic?

Millennials started eating at home as ordering in was discouraged initially. Lots of people moved towards ancient ayurveda and started including herbs and spices like tulsi, cinnamon, clove, ginger, garlic, turmeric etc in their food and beverages. People were consuming more warm drinks like kadha and herbal teas as compared to their traditional chai.

Healthy Soul

We have seen that customers are looking at more immunity boosting foods and drinks post covid. What’s your view?

Yes, there has been a gradual shift in focus from just eating healthy, low carb food to ingredients which are immunity boosting. Turmeric latte was a big hit in west and our haldi doodh is back in India as well and almost mandatory now to drink at some houses.

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What are some of the range you are offering?

We offer lot of teas for lifestyle diseases like insomnia, obesity, digestive issues, immunity and metabolism enhancers. Our major range consists of moringa tea, Nettle & parsley tea, fennel chamomile & ginger tea, turmeric, brahmi & Neem tea, ashwagandha & tulsi tea, cinnamon black pepper & garcinia cambogia tea

Who are your regular customers?

These are usually people who are busy in their lifestyle and don't find enough time to take care of their health. This tea acts as a supplement for them and ensures they can still meet their health goals.

Healthy Soul

What is the price point, average order you do a week?

We start at 1200 and go up to 5000 on an average. A single cup of tea costs less than Rs 35.  All our teas are backed by free nutritionist & health coach support.

What is the future of such product now that everyone has become health and immunity pro?

We are looking to increase our channel partners to reach out to wider audience. There is going to be exponential increase in demand for such products in future. 

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