The First Juice Brand to Introduce Holographic Aseptic Packaging in India

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Akhil Gupta, Founder & Managing Director of Fresca Juices speaks on the journey of the brand and future plans of the company.
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Akhil Gupta, Fresca

The Homegrown juice brand Fresca Juices was formally launched in 2010. It is one of the fastest growing packaged fruit juice brands in India. The company was launched with the aim to address the demand-supply gap in the juices and packaged fruit drinks market and was able to become a household name.

Akhil Gupta, Founder & Managing Director of Fresca Juices speaks on the journey of the brand and future plans of the company.

Fresca, the first Indian company to offer multiple flavoured-fizz options to consumers

Fresca launched Fresca Fruzo, a rich range of carbonated fruit drinks in March this year. Available in six refreshing flavours, the new line of products consists of Apple, Mojito, Jeera and Nimbu Masala flavours. A lip-smacking mix of juice and fizz, Fresca Fruzo is already garnering rave reviews from customers. 

On the back of its massive traction, we believe that this new line of products will give tough competition to traditional carbonated drinks in terms of sale numbers over the next few years. 

The Concept is different from other juice players in the industry

In the Indian market, there have been very few options when it comes to carbonated drinks. Even though there is a high demand for fizzy drinks in the market, mere 3-4 flavours have been available to customers. 

Further, while there are multiple juice brands, there are none that cater effectively to fruit-juice aficionados who would truly appreciate innovation in the types and flavours of beverages available.

Fresca is different from other players as it identifies the need for different variants in the Indian market. It offers over 11 flavours across its fruit juice and carbonated fruit drink ranges. 

Fresca is also popular for offering large SKUs in PET ranging from INR 10/- to INR 120/-.  Apart from this, it offers over seven flavours in aseptic packaging - more than any other player in the market. It is also the first brand in India to introduce holographic aseptic packaging with four flavours. Most importantly, Fresca offers these options in exceptionally attractive packaging at a highly economical price point.

Top sellers in Fresca

Currently, our top-sellers include Litchi, NimbuPani, Guava, Mango, and Apple in 160ml, 300ml, 2 litre, aseptic 200ml pack, and holographic packs.
I am a fruit beverage enthusiast myself. Though I like all the flavours that we offer, Litchi is my favourite.

Sourcing Local Ingredients 

Our products are made from fruit pulp, which is taken from locally sourced fruits. This is a major factor in determining the level of freshness and flavour Fresca offers.

Expansion plans

We have 2 lakh outlets operational in all states across North India alone. With a good presence across Food Park, HSIIDC, Rai, and Sonepat (Haryana), we will soon be expanding across western India, beginning with Mumbai and Pune. We also plan to foray into the east, central and south Indian market.

Apart from this, we also plan to increase our presence in tier II cities of the country, where we see high growth potential due to the lack of authentic brands in the fruit beverage space.

Carbonated Fruit Drinks in Indian Market

The options for carbonated fruit drinks in the Indian market have so far been scarce. It was only when Fresca launched Fresca Fruzo that people were introduced to the possibility of more variety in the fruit drink sector.

It is highly likely that they subconsciously craved for more flavours as Fresca's range of carbonated fruit drinks has received a commendable response in the market since its launch. We have sold 3 lakh cases units of Fresca Fruzo since March 2019 with being the most popular flavour in the category. 

Since our launch, we can say with some confidence that the Indian customer is becoming more aware of fizzy fruit drinks in the Indian market.

Target Consumers

Our target demographic includes children (7-14 years old), teenage students (15-19-year-old), young professionals (20-30-year-old), and housewives.

Maintaining health and nutrition value

We ensure high quality of the beverages by putting special emphasis upon packaging, which comprises seven layers, unlike other brands that usually don't go beyond six-layer packaging. As mentioned earlier, we are the first brand in the country to introduce holographic aseptic packaging.

We have an ISO 9002 certification and conform to FSSAI guidelines which underline our commitment to maintaining best-in-class product standards.

Key challenges in the juice sector  

Being in the juice sector, it becomes paramount that you ensure the freshness and quality of your products. Companies that diverge from their vision of providing top quality products are the ones who face challenges. 

Fresca, on the other hand, maintains its standards by simply sticking to a set of FSSAI guidelines and sincerely implementing them. This prevents us from hitting any roadblocks when it comes to the production and consumption of Fresca's products. 

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