Social media trends for helping food business startup grow

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Visually pleasing food popping up either on your feed or in advertisements has proven to be of advantage in increasing the sales drive.
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Social media has the power to make or break your business in an instant. It is a boon as much as it is a bane. It has a space for everyone but how soon you have a strong footing in it makes a difference for your brand or business. If there is anything this pandemic has taught us then it’s how to get the work done and reach people from any remote place known to man.

Just like any business, the food business saw a major setback during the peak COVID phase. As sad as it was to see our favorite restaurants shutting down, we saw a boom in the cloud kitchen aspect of this sector. All the homecooks finally stepped out of their shell and explored their talent whilst helping hundreds and thousands of people in dire need of food while battling COVID.

With strategies like influencer marketing in place, the target audience expectations exceeded which was the much needed aid for the food brands. Many brands cater to a niche audience like the ones who only consume gluten free, or vegan or sugar free kind of food. With the help of social media, the awareness of the same has increased as well. People are conscious about what they are supplying their body with. Right kind of food choices makes a huge lifestyle difference so being mindful about what you are consuming becomes important.

These selective eating habits have given ample opportunities to food startups who are looking to set themselves apart from the rest. It helps when a known face endorses certain brands. The consumer tends to trust it more than direct marketing.

One of the wonders of social media is that it educates people about food and it’s latest trend, and who is indulging into what when it comes to food. Knowing about food from other cultures and it being readily available in places near you helps the brands in staying afloat in this ever evolving industry. Imagine staying in India and enjoying the best Lebanese food that there is right in your city. Catering to a crowd with particular cuisine(s) helps the restaurant in etching their name in the customers mind. Next time if you want to eat that particular cuisine, the restaurant’s name will immediately pop up in your head. This is how powerful a tool social media is.

Gone are the days when people would indulge in normal looking food. These days mindful eating along with the plate of food looking aesthetic is the new fad.

It is all about how spectacular the food looks first and then the taste. Visually pleasing food popping up either on your feed or in advertisements has proven to be of advantage in increasing the sales drive.

It is not surprising anymore how deeply rooted social media influence is in our lives. It clouds your judgement about every minute thing in our lives so it is not astonishing that almost all the food start ups are investing heavily into social media marketing. It eventually leads to increase in sales so it just makes sense for them to invest wisely into it. Nevertheless, the antics of social media marketing is here to stay and it is all about how much we should use it to our advantage.

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