Right Music and Safe Environment is Crucial for Nightclubs

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In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, co-owner Ajay Bindal says at Roar Nightclub people can party till morning as it has 24-hour license.
  • SARA KHAN Feature Editor
Restaurant India

Delhi has something scintillating to offer with the grand opening of newest hotspot Roar Nightclub. The venture brings together nightlife moguls Ajay Bindal and Mohit Gulati along with Gaurav Verma, the masterminds behind some of Delhi's most sought-after nightlife establishments. Adorned in gold, the venue surpasses the traditional concepts of nightlife, providing a lavish outlet for V.I.P. guests, superstar DJs and celebrities to play. In addition to the nightclub's plush decor, space is also equipped with the finest sound and lighting systems. In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Ajay Bindal, co-owner of the Nightclub said Roar promises to be a versatile venue for the party goers with acts supporting music from around the world.

How did the Roar Club happen for you?

Before stepping into the F&B, I was working in imports and exports with offices in Dubai, US, Belgium, Spain and more. Meanwhile, I felt a gap in the Bollywood industry. No one was playing Bollywood music. I talked with a key lender, and I started with the brand which was the first club totally dedicated to Bollywood music. I, then, launched The Nest in Delhi in 2015. We have done a lot of concepts. After that, we started with the RSVP. Though we did pretty well at RSVP, there was one challenge - a lot of people from south Delhi were not coming to Central Delhi and Connaught Place. Secondly, the size of the place was very small. We could not cater and accommodate a lot of people. In a small place, you can’t be a multi-genre. To reach to the maximum people and to reach a crowd from Gurugram as well, we started Roar. The Roar Nightclub is a multi-genre; we are doing Bollywood, hip-hop, reggae, trans, sion, trap, techno music genres. This is a big place with huge capacity, so we can host popular artists too.

What challenges do you see in growing Roar Night Club?

We recently launched and yet I could say that we are doing pretty well. Being in the hospitality industry is always good. Earlier, when we were in central Delhi, there were more crowds. But after coming to Nehru Place, we realised that previously we were easily approachable to east, north and west Delhi. The east, north and west Delhi are growing very fast and the consumers’ spending power is also increasing. Location is one challenge; we cannot reach those significant areas of Delhi.

How do you connect with your customers?

Right music to the right people! It is the biggest way to connect with people. When you play it right for the right clientele, it establishes an automatic connection. As we understand the changing trends, we bring the same genre artists to perform at the Nightclub. Secondly, it is the kind of service you give attracts customers. Thirdly, you provide them with a safe and secure environment, and you will see a rise in the footfall.

What is your expansion plans growing your brand further?

It’s too early to talk about the expansion. This is a flagship project of Roar. We’ll see which direction we grow and we will plan accordingly. We are looking forward to expanding with franchises but right now the orientation is to make the brand and the project a hit.

What are the unique innovative and R&D techniques that will keep you growing?

The USP is the location. Central Delhi is not too far from Roar, which is at Nehru Place; it is also very well connected to South Delhi. If you see Epicuria, the footfall has grown massively in the last few years. Places like Flying Saucer, Lords of the Drinks and more shut down at 12 am or 12.30 am. The Roar have a 24-hour license. Since people want to party till late, we have an advantage. This place is big and divided into different sections. 50-100 people can easily party in one section. They won’t feel the place is empty. People feel more secure and safe at our nightclub.

What kind of drinks people like more at your nightclub?

Everything runs equally – wine, whiskey, beer and vodkas.

What strategies do you adopt in marketing?

A lot of places are either too raw or rough or too jazzy/flashy, we have the advantage here. We kept the design of the Roar Night Club very classy and subtle. On another hand, to reach a maximum number of people we keep changing the acts. We have come up with a new idea “One Night Stand” which is very popular among our clientele. With One Night Stand, we call popular artists of different music genre once every month. The artists of various music genres have a different fan following. A lot of new people get to know about Roar through it. For partygoers, we have special national as well as international acts. While facing the DJ booth guests will discover a floor to ceiling LED display showcasing video imagery and effects that are fully integrated into the control systems. The imagery, colour and effects flow together seamlessly with the music and atmosphere of the night.


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