Quenching thirst: 5 beverages trend to watch out in 2022

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According to a latest report by CEIC, Food and Non Alcoholic Beverage Change was reported at 5.584 % in Jan 2022.
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Who would have thought that bar would once come to your home. From visting your favourite bar or restaurant for a chilled beer to drinking your most loved cocktails and beverages at home. Beverage trend has also changed with change in time. According to a latest report by CEIC, Food and Non Alcoholic Beverage Change was reported at 5.584 % in Jan 2022.

In the last 2-3 years, the beverage segment in India has become a crowded space. Traditional segments such as carbonated soft drinks and juices and the newly emergent categories of flavoured water and flavoured milk products are all competing to meet consumers’ hydration and thirst quenching needs. And, hence we are seeing lots of change and innovation in this space.

Here are top trends that experts in the segment believe would change the whole ecosystem of how we have been consuming our favourite drink/beverage. From people wanting to know the origin of an ingredient to health and value attached to the beverage they consume, consumer has become much more conscious in terms of their eating/drinking habit.

Non-alcoholic spirits: There is a segment of the adult population that does not want to consume alcohol across occasions. Hence, non-alcoholic gins and spirits will see an uptick as we have seen in Western countries. And, we are already seeing lots of brand venturing into the segment tapping the opportunity that they foresee will change the whole paradigm of how we have been consuming these spirits.

Ready to drink cocktails: Convenience is becoming more important for young adults. With more and more people working from home and relying on easy to consumer options RTD pre-mixed G&Ts and cocktails such as hard Seltzers will become more popular.

DIY kits: Home bars and home consumption of alcohol is becoming widespread. Products that offer consumers easy-to-mix kits for cocktails provide users convenience as well as scope for personalization. Not just beverages brand but restaurants have also tapped this segment as there is lots of opportunity ahead in the DIY segment wherein one get the bar at home itself.

Tequila: As we can see in America, Tequila will become a growing segment with a variety of craft brands emerging. We believe it is a matter of time that this category grows in India as well, when premium imported brands enter the Indian market and offer adults choice and quality.

Increased calorie consciousness: Buyers are becoming more and more conscious of the calories they consume. Focus on diet products that do not use artificial sweeteners or preservatives will find more acceptance among these conscious consumers.

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