Organic Apples Cater to Health-Conscious Indians

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IG International aims to import 20,000 MT of apples in the new season.
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Being India’s largest importer of fresh fruits, IG International supplies high-quality produce in India. The global import and export giant has been investing in infrastructure to establish its position as a leader in the imported fresh fruit industry. It handles volumes to the tune of 2000-4000 feet refrigerated containers from over 22 countries across the globe. In India, the brand has facilities in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Theog and Amravati. IG International also manages the distribution of the goods through its 28 wholesale outlets spread across India and has become a leading marketer and distributor of nutritious, high-quality fresh fruits in the country.

The fruit importing brand has an association of over ten years with Stemilt Growers, the Washington-based leading organic fruit growing, packing and shipping company. Keeping in mind that apple consumption picks up in winter, IG International recently announced to import seven varieties of apples from Stemilt Growers.

IG International aims to import 20,000 MT of apples in the new season.

In an interview with Restaurant India, the president of Stemilt Growers, West Mathison speaks about the brand’s association with IG International and India as the market for imported apples.

Association with IG International

West Mathison, President of Stemilt Growers

We are associated with IG International for ten years now, and it gives us immense pleasure to have contributed to their growth journey.  IG is our largest export customer and we see the further potential to serve IG as they grow their distribution across the country.

Imported Apples Market in India

Stemilt Growers is renowned for its commitment to growing high-quality fruits organically. The Indian market has always been a very attractive market in terms of business as we only offer superior-quality, fresh and great-tasting fruits which find ready acceptance with discerning Indian consumers. With the start of this new season, we look forward to serving more Indian customers with the choicest and freshest fruit varieties.

Consumption Trends among Indian Consumers

Globally, the apple industry has seen new varieties and flavours.  As a result, the global supply has increased to serve the growing demand around the world.  Stemilt is very interested in India because it is an apple-eating country.  The local production of Indian apples has built demand for apples and, therefore, the quick acceptance of imported apples.  We also see an opportunity to bring these new apple varieties to the discerning Indian consumers.

Data on apple consumption in India as shared by Stemilt Growers

We aim to send 20,000 MT of apples in the new season. There will be seven different varieties of this fruit being imported in India–Red Delicious, Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Pinata, Pink lady, Honey crisp, the organic variety with the first two will be the primary varieties. Organic apples will cater to the health conscious Indians.

With the increase in the effective cold chain, the Indian market can serve more exotic fruits to more cities. As a result, the demand for exotic fruits is exploding in India.  Quality drives consumption and IG’s broad distribution network is creating demand around the country.

Product Pricing

We see a strategic advantage in the diversity of India’s economy.  There is a demand for higher-priced organic fruit and new flavour varieties.  Still, the majority of the Indian market is value driven for sweet crunchy apples.  We see growth opportunity for both the higher end and value-driven categories.

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