New Concept in Delhi! A Mix Of Cafe, Bakery and Academy

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Little Miss Muffet a beautiful European Café-cum-bakery recently opened in the MGF Mall, Saket in Delhi.
  • SARA KHAN Feature Editor
Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet a beautiful European Café-cum-bakery recently opened in the MGF Mall, Saket. It is a one-of-its-kind concept of Academy + cafe + Bakery. No matter how much one loves bold and bright decor, Little Miss Muffet has a soft spot for lighter, feminine pastels. The desserts and pastries have set the bar very high and speak for themselves.

The team of Little Miss Muffet believes that "Baking is an art which should be accessible to all with the minimalistic ingredients; one should bake as if one is baking at home. Similarly, we don't believe in the concept of using commercial equipment but the necessary ones like oven, etc. The products are often admired for the detailing, cakes and the articulation of the dressing.”

Little Miss Muffet

“It is the one-stop destination for all Kind of Healthy Food and Deserts," says the team of Little Miss Muffet. The team of Little Miss Muffet loves to interact with people who share the same amount of passion and love for baking as much as they do.

Little Miss Muffet decided to commence their journey from a 'shopping mall' because malls, definitely, have more footfall. These malls offer the convenience of parking which is very difficult on the streets. However, impulse buy is higher in a mall and the idea of an individual's safety is lesser at threat.

Little Miss Muffet

In the foreseen future, the team of Little Miss Muffet intends to cater their mesmerising cakes to the wedding, birthday parties and other gatherings. Also, they intend to collaborate with nutritionists to bring diabetic and gluten-free food into their customisation. They want to open the doors of Little Miss Muffet to junior chefs and birthday parties where the kids can head to Little Miss Muffet, learn baking rather than wasting their time on video games.  As they expand their boundaries of their Baking Outlet i.e. Little Miss Muffet, they aspire to start a Youtube channel where they intend to reach the masses and cater their knowledge of baking.

Little Miss Muffet

When it comes to marketing, the café-cum-bakery-cum-academy believes in Word-of-mouth advertising. “Word-Of-Mouth is immensely powerful. In fact, it's the best marketing tool one can have. We want people to remember us for our hospitality, our taste and how their experience was at the Little Miss Muffet. This form of marketing is extremely old, but it still makes sense. It's shared by customers and triggered by an event the customer experiences. However, we want the experience of our customers to be exceptional and mesmerizing,” says the team.

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