New-Age Design in Restaurants

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The Food and Beverage industry is one such space which is exploding, not only to explore new culinary experiments but also ambience and experience.
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New-Age Design in Restaurants

Indian cities are now multi-cultural hubs catering to a clientele so well diverse and discerning, that they need to keep up with the growing desires and dreams of its people. The Food and Beverage industry is one such space which is exploding, not only to explore new culinary experiments but also ambience and experience. A restaurateur today has realized this and is more than willing to supply experience and try new settings and concepts depending on their budgets, clientele, and cuisines. 

Gen X, today, is living in virtual reality - sharing their experiences and life with everyone. With the facilitation of technology, social media occupies a considerable portion of our daily routines. Social media plays a great tool to help bring out such restaurants, cafes, etc. in the limelight. Through time, preference increasing towards quality over quantity has led the setup of numerous eating-out places which serve exquisite food and offer a soothing ambience to enhance your gustatory and olfactory experiences. Often these posts reflect beautifully designed spaces where people live out of, work out of and dine out of.  

New Age restaurant Design

Therefore, restaurants are one such place where photography has become important for the customers and for the reach for the restaurateurs. Creating these vibrant, experiential and aesthetic spaces have helped develop a two-way stream for both.

Restaurateurs are exposed to the new emerging design trends all over. They understand the concept of providing a fresh and exciting vibe. And, customers today not only look for a piquant dish on the plate but, also wish to take with them an experience. ''Experience'' being the keyword. There is nothing like sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea in a warm cosy space, beautifully developed rendering a homely vibe. The cherry on the top could be a great view through the window or a relaxing couch spot on the rooftop.

Aspects which impact the designing of restaurants for the contemporary times involve a holistic approach pointing out that along with food there is more to restaurants which adds to the 'unique selling propositions' or USPs.

Not long ago, one would have had a hard time finding and affording a restaurant of their own choice and taste. But, looking at the current growth, a number of spaces are being conceptualised based on all kinds of imaginable themes. This growth reflects the importance of bespoke outlets designed to cater to the crowd.

New-Age Design in Restaurants

Lighting design and its strategy abundantly affect our perception of interior space. Natural light is being considered a foremost factor in cafes and brunch spaces. This has opened up a new avenue for chophouses putting forth the options for breakfast and lunch too, making them a go-to place. Dining and drinks for evenings, artificial lighting is added to create a bespoke ambience for a get-together or family dining.

Designs and concepts inspired by nature, providing an organic blend, with earthy tones of green, beige and blue bring the outdoor to indoor. Incorporation of reusable and raw materials are among a few popular themes gaining momentum in promoting spaces which are designed keeping sustainability as a highlight. This enhances the experience to be much more home-like and friendly, also prolonging the stay of your visit to the eatery.

Every colour has its own language; yellow signifies joy, happiness, and friendship, blue signifies peace, harmony and calmness, pink emanates romance, red says passion and beige symbolise pleasantness and simplicity. Each colour is thought through when being incorporated in the design whether it's for the walls, the furniture, the bar, or any other aspect of the interior to ensure it imbibes the story of the restaurant. Big clunky furniture has been done away with to make way for much more minimal designs to adorn the interiors.

Not to diminish the impact of furniture layout and the spatial arrangement, different setups are designed to serve a variety of clientele. This largely increases the engagement of people with the space reacting to interesting design themes of the mere seating layout of the space.

The extra-mile that we are expanding towards is to make these spaces more homely and comfortable, add workspace corners at new-gen healthy cafes or coffee shops, make them pet-friendly and provide an area where the new-age pop-up shows or networking sessions can be conducted. The idea is to provide a space where people of all ages can visit and not feel out of place.

Saniya Kantawala
Saniya Kantawala

As designers, we pull up our socks every time while approaching a new design project. It demands brand new energy, understanding the brief, the purpose, the cuisine and essentially reflect the restaurateur's vision of the brand. From there we orient a design philosophy to craft unique spaces. 

Authored by Saniya Kantawala, Founder - Saniya Kantawala Design

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